Dancing Raisins Science Fair Project

Dancing Raisins science fair project. Everything you need to help you with your child’s science fair project. Dancing Raisins materials, directions, and suggestions.

Dancing Raisins Science Fair Project Materials

  • Clear drinking glasses
  • Raisins
  • Clear carbonated beverages (7Up, Tonic Water, etc.)
  • Project Display Board

Dancing Raisins Science Fair Project Directions
Fill the glass with the carbonated beverage. Drop 10-15 raisins into the glass. Watch the raisins. They’ll be floating, bobbing up and down, and dancing!

Dancing Raisins Science Fair Project Variations
Use different types of carbonated beverages. See which works the best for dancing raisins. Also, try using different kinds of “dancers.” Other items that work well are macaroni, noodles, lentils, craisins, even corn! Which combination of beverage and dancers “performs” the best?

How it works
Yes, it’s fun to watch, but I guess the whole point of a science fair experiment is to understand the lesson. Here’s how Dancing Raisins works… the rough surface of the raisins attract the carbon dioxide bubbles causing the raisins to become less dense and float to the top. The bubbles pop when exposed to the air causing the raisins to become more dense and sink, meanwhile collecting more carbon dioxide air bubbles and repeating the process.

I helped my son with his Dancing Raisins for his 1st grade Science Fair Project many years ago. This was a simple project to put together that didn’t take too much effort. The project displays nicely and is very visually appealing. He received many compliments on his project and learned a little along the way. Sure, Dancing Raisins not as detailed or entertaining as a baking soda volcano eruption… but Dancing Raisins also takes about 3 hours less time to complete!

Good luck with your dancing raisins science fair project

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