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Dash Egg Cooker Review

Dash Egg Cooker Review – Claims to make perfect eggs. Easy to peel hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, soft eggs, even delicious omelettes. But does it work?

The Dash Egg Cooker was something I had never heard of until I had posted a pic of a badly peeled hard boiled egg on social media, asking for advice. I had tried everything from ice baths to shaking the hard boiled eggs in a glass of water before peeling. Unfortunately, there was no surefire method that I could use to guarantee an easy peel resulting in an egg that didn’t look like it lost a few chunks.

Dash Egg Cooker Pics

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So, after posting a pic of my badly peeled egg, someone chimed in about the Dash Egg Cooker. She said that the unit was an appliance that not only made cooking eggs easier, but also made them easier to peel. I immediately went on to Target’s website and ordered one for about $15.


The Dash Egg Cooker has proven itself to me in just one use. You can use the Dash Egg Cooker to make soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, and omelets. Basically there are three different trays. Underneath the tray is a metal plate where you place water. The water heats up and cooks the eggs. You put a specific amount of water on the heating plate depending on what you’re cooking. You cover it with a lid, and the cooking time is determined by the water level. You can cook 7 hard boiled eggs at once, but I think there are different units that do more or less.

When doing boiled eggs, you need to puncture each raw egg with the provided “tack” before cooking. You feel like it’s going to crush the raw egg and end up in a big mess in your hand, but it doesn’t.

When it came time to peel the hard boiled eggs, it was definitely easier! The method is more of a steaming than a boiling to cook the eggs and that must be what makes the difference. All I know is that this is how I will be making my hard boiled eggs from now on… especially if I’m making deviled eggs for guests!

In addition to cooking eggs, this product can also steam vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, cook seafood like salmon and shrimp, heat foods like frozen corn, tortillas and more.

This cooker is a versatile unit that will consistently cook your eggs with ease, and is small enough to store easily in your kitchen cabinets.

You can buy a Dash Egg Cooker on Target’s website

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