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Deliver My Ride

Deliver My Ride online car buying website lets you shop, finance, buy, or lease your car without having to step foot in a showroom. Deliver My Ride is a local company, based in Pontiac, Michigan. Founded by 30 year car sales veteran Mike McInerney and backed by Compuware Founder Peter Karmanos.

Buying a new car can be frustrating and time consuming. Especially for the woman, where studies show that they are quoted higher prices than men, and often feel intimidated and overlooked at the dealership.

If dealerships make you uncomfortable, Deliver My Ride’s process does the haggling for you. The site has multiple dealers competing for your business! Here’s how it works. The online service pulls in real time inventory, prices and incentives that are available to you from dealerships in your area, allowing the user to search and compare new vehicles without pressure or hassle.

Deliver My Ride – How It Works

  • The customer remains anonymous until the transaction is ready to be completed. (Goodbye, annoying sales calls, biased pricing and unwanted pressure!)
  • You can compare prices, incentives and rebates of all brands and styles side by side. (Even compare the price of the same car from multiple dealerships to ensure you are getting a fair deal!)
  • The new car purchase or lease is fully warrantied, backed and serviceable by the manufacturer and your local dealer.
  • You control the process. Buy or lease on your time and your terms from your phone or computer.

Basically, using Deliver My Ride to purchase your car is like using Amazon. You have your car delivered for FREE, if you change your mind or don’t like the car when it’s delivered, Deliver My Ride will take it back.

“Buying a new car has always taken me hours at the dealership. I literally don’t have that much time to spend at the dealership anymore with kids and a full-time job. Deliver My Ride saved me time and aggravation. Really convenient.” – Mary

Take control of the outdated and biased car buying process by buying or leasing your new car 100% online with Deliver My Ride.

Deliver My Ride
35 W Huron St #900
Pontiac, MI
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Interested in learning more? Whether you are currently in the market for a new car or just want to shop around pressure-free, check out Deliver My Ride out at

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