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Dental Duty Toothbrite Review

Dental Duty Toothbrite teeth whitening powder review, pics & info. Does it work? How does Dental Duty Toothbrite compare to whitening strips? How does it

compare to professional teeth-whitening processes like Zoom and Biolase laser whitening?

When they first came out years ago, I experimented with Crest White Strips and receive decent whitening from the usage. 4 years ago, I had received a professional Laser Teeth Whitening using Biolase ezlase from Dr. Kosinski, a well-respected local dentist located in Bingham Farms (see review below).
Flashforward 4 years and gallons of green tea and some Coca Cola drinking, my pearly whites were in dire need of some sort of brightening. I also naturally don’t have the brightest teeth in the world to begin with.

Not wanting to spend a ton of money, I went on Amazon looking for a month supply of Crest Whitening Strips and tripped over Dental Duty. I was immediately attracted to the just over $20 price tag as opposed to $35-$45 cost for the white strips. I was never fond of the whitening strips anyways. They were cumbersome, it was a 30 minute per-day commitment, I had mild tooth sensitivity associated with it. Still, whitening strips did what I felt was an adequate job and I was prepared to go with what I knew. I started reading the great reviews for Dental Duty Toothbrite and changed my mind immediately. I’m glad I did.

Dental Duty Toothbrite is a “natural and organic activated teeth whitening charcoal” that boasts whitening and cleaning teeth while reducing sensitivity and strengthening enamel. I was surprised how well it worked as a tooth-whitener. 1 2 oz jar for just over $20 provides a 3-6 month supply. I’ve used
it only one week and it has already paid itself off – at least as a whitener compared to Crest White whitening strips.

Dental Duty Toothbrite is extremely easy to use, but extremely messy. Simply dip your wet toothbrush head into the charcoal powder and SLOWLY (because it will spill) ease it into your mouth and begin brushing. HINT – A LITTLE goes A LONG way. Brush 1-2 minutes on all dental surfaces and rinse THROUGHLY. This powder goes everywhere. I brush my teeth in the shower so using this product is
not a problem at all for me but it can make huge mess if you’re not careful.

If putting charcoal powder in your mouth sounds intimidating, don’t be afraid. The powder has no taste. The packaging say it contains mint, but I literally could not taste any sort of flavor with this product. Yes, using this product is unorthodox compared to using toothpaste, but try to get used to it as there is no taste or discomfort – just very messy if you’re not careful! The black teeth pic shows the product in mid-brushing again highlighting how messy this product can be.

After 1 use, I noticed an immediate whitening of my teeth. The after pic you see below is just my 3rd use. I was shocked at how quickly and easily Dental Duty Toothbrite whitened my teeth – for nearly half the cost of the inconvenient Crest White Strips and 15x less than the cost of a dentist professional treatment. The professional laser whitening is a touch better, but the value of Toothbrite is tough to beat! I will continue to use this product and buy more when I run out. I was not paid or compensated in any way for the review of this product.

Dental Duty Toothbrite Pics

Dental Duty Toothbrite Bottom Line

  • Easier to use than Whitening Strips
  • About Half the Cost of Crest Whitening Strips
  • Unlike Crest White Strips, no tooth sensitivity issues
  • Cost hundreds less than professional dental treatments
  • Natural and Organic
  • Noticable whitening after 1-3 uses
  • Messy, be careful and rinse thoroughly
    No taste (positive or negative)

Dental Duty Toothbrite Ingredients

  • Organic Coconut
  • Charcoal
  • Orange Seed Oil
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mint Flavor

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