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Dessert Bullet Model DBR-0101 Review

Dessert Bullet Model DBR-0101 Review – review of the Dessert Bullet “ice cream” maker model number DBR-0101. Billed as a healthy way to make frozen desserts.

My mom bought me Dessert Bullet Model DBR because she knew that I had not had ice cream in over a year with my latest health-kick diet. The Dessert Bullet uses simple frozen fruits to create a frosty dessert, without added sugar, dyes, artificial ingredients, gluten, dairy, etc.

The Dessert Bullet has been seen on TV with demonstrations of it creating some gourmet looking desserts. It comes with a recipe booklet that includes over 20 recipes such as Coconut Colada, Rocky Road, Strawberry Bon Bon, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches. The pictures make this machine look like a must-have.

Once I got the Dessert Bullet, I made a trip to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients, which was quite simple. I stocked up on some frozen fruits, coconut, cacao powder, vegan chocolate chips… I tried out the Dessert Bullet the first time with one of the simpler recipes. Overall, I’m feeling the Dessert Bullet is an OK option for those who have no other option. Here’s why…

My kids who are used to the real thing, really did not like the outcome at all. They wouldn’t even eat it! I thought that was quite crazy… I mean, if you like fruit, wouldn’t this be a nice frozen treat? I guess not if it’s not what you’re expecting. But, for me, I was OK with it because I knew it would be the closest I’d get to ice cream. I found it to be more similar to a frozen yogurt or a sherbet, but a lot less creamy in texture. And, without the added sugar, things are a bit more tart which is much less dessert-like.

Also, don’t let the dessert bullet pics on the recipe book fool you. I think they got a gourmet dessert chef to make the sample creations. I can’t imagine being able to pull this off myself. I just didn’t want to invest that much time in it.


The process is pretty simple. In order to use the Dessert Bullet, you have to let the frozen fruit thaw slightly first. Each type of fruit has a specific thaw time. There’s a guide in the recipe booklet. Once the fruits have reached their semi thawed state, you put them down a chute and through the Dessert Bullet spindle. It comes out the bottom and into the bowl where it’s ready to be eaten. There are suggestions for dessert toppings, a recipe for a chocolate shell, etc.

Although the end result is far from ice cream, the Dessert Bullet is a great option for those watching their diet or for those with many food allergies. You are basically hand-picking all the ingredients and have full control over what goes into your dessert. So, you have the ability to avoid specific ingredients, cut calories, sugar, fat, etc.

Overall, if you can accept that the healthy end result is your new dessert, you’re good. The best way to do that is to not expect that Dessert Bullet will give you a miracle ice cream result.

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Model Tested – DBR‑0101

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