Detroit Lions Moms Football Safety Clinic Review – Pics – Video

Detroit Lions Moms Safety Clinic review, pics, and video. Detroit Lions Youth Football wants moms to know and understand their safety initiatives so they recently held their first annual Moms Football Safety Clinic at the Allen Park Detroit Lions training facility.

My son has been involved in the Detroit Lions Youth Football program for several years now and has attends their annual summer camp at Lake Orion High School each summer. We’ve always been impressed by the Detroit Lions Youth Football program – their professionalism, organization, skills, how well they manage their programs, and how much they are focused on the wellbeing of the kids.


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The Detroit Lions Youth Football safety clinic covered many topics to help ease moms fears. As mentioned at the clinic, the NFL has seen declines in the number of players going out for the sport due to fears over injuries. The NFL realizes some of these fears may be a result of media hype concussion discussions, and knows that reinventing this message starts with the moms of football loving kids.

The Detroit Lions Moms Football safety clinic specifically addressed equipment fitting, heat illnesses, nutrition pre and post game play, concussion education, and the Heads Up Football initiative, a new, comprehensive program developed by USA Football and supported by the NFL to enhance player safety in youth football.


The Heads Up Football initiative includes the following six pillars:

  • Education and Certification – The sport’s only nationally accredited courses
  • Concussion Awareness – Resources developed by the CDC help coaches and parents become educated on what to look for
  • Equipment Fitting – Learn how to properly fit helmets and pads for reduced risk of injury
  • Heads Up Tackling – A 5-step series of drills to reinforce proper tackling mechanics teaching a proper tackle with a focus on reducing helmet contact
  • Player Safety Coach – responsible for ensuring their organization’s compliance with Heads Up Football
  • Heat & Hydration – Education for coaches and parents for prevention, recognition and treatment of heat illnesses

The NFL is working hard to bring the Heads Up Football program to schools all across the country. The goal is to educate and focus on safety. They see this as a great starting point, and trickling upward… making the game of football better and safer, even at the NFL level.

After sitting through the The Detroit Lions Youth Football Moms safety clinic, I was impressed by the efforts of what they do to ensure safety and well-being for the football players. Long gone are the days of players being told dangerous tackling methods like stick your neck out and lead with your head. The focus is all on safety, and there are very specific methods being taught for protection. This was very reassuring, as was hearing that more kids get concussions from bicycle accidents than playing football.

If you are a part of a football program, and you want to encourage the coaches to learn more about Heads Up Football, let them know they can find out more and register at

To check out when the next Detroit Lions Moms Football Safety Clinic will be held, visit

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