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Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp Lessons Learned

Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp lessons learned for kids AND parents. When my son was 7, I won a chance for my son to participate in a Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp in Lake Orion. I wrote a lengthy (almost overkill in hindsight) review of the experience shortly thereafter. In my original review I raved on about the particulars of the camp. The drills, the layout, the affordable cost, the format, and the military-like precision. Because of the experience, I happily signed my son year after year for all the Detroit Lions Youth Football Camps in Lake Orion each year until he was 14 years old (the cutoff age)! I came to realize that I was learning valuable parenting lessons from the football camps.

Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp Lessons Learned

Before I move on, I must disclose a mild disclaimer… my son has only a moderate love of organized football. He enjoys football, but he doesn’t live and breathe it. He’ll be the first to tell you he enjoys baseball and tennis more. Sure, there are a lot of kids at Lions Youth Football Camp that are gunning to be the next Barry Sanders but there are even more that just want to be there for some reason.

In the past, my wife and I wrote some pieces for Fox2 segments and WDIV segments about how to keep kids active during the summer months and how kids need structure in the summer to stay active for school. In those columns I worked with educators to get tips on how to get kids off the couch. I tended to generalize that kids will naturally fall into a laziness trap of video games, smart phones, and TV because the lure of the media is too attractive or that they are inclined to sit on the couch if parents aren’t there to send them outside. Judging from the response of those Fox 2 segments, I wasn’t the only one. Everyone seems to get in the act too with “when I was a kid” rants or bemoaning empty ball fields in the summer. I guess I’m not the only that can get caught up in labeling. It was my thought that kids WANT to be lazy or were somehow less motivated.

On the drive to the first day of last year’s Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp, I asked my son point blank what he was most looking forward to. I expected him to say something about meeting a Detroit Lions player or the passing skills segment. Instead, he looked at me like I asked the dumbest question in the world and sternly said “the whole thing.” He meant it. Over the last few days, I realized why he was right and maybe it was a “dumb” question and that’s where my Detroit Lions Youth Football camp lesson kicked in.

The Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp thrives on discipline, exercise, fun and structure. Of course they run, pass, kick and catch but they also preach life lessons about hard work and dedication that don’t necessarily even deal with football. And, the kids drink it all in. This year, instead of running around shooting video or coming up with analytical review points, I was able to see that the attraction of camps like Lions Youth Fooball Camp for what it really was… A life lesson. Let me explain…

Kids aren’t “inclined” to sit around to wait for something to do. They WANT to work hard and achieve and be proud of their accomplishments. It’s very motivating for them. Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp lessons teach that and they teach kids how to do it themselves. That was “the whole thing” my son was talking about. It doesn’t even have to be about sports. And… they WANT to be ACTIVE and not LAZY.

Now I get it. Kids crave discipline and hard work more than I give them credit for. These camps prove it.

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