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Discovery Girls Magazine Review

Discovery Girls Magazine Review – review of Discovery Girls Magazine, a magazine created by girls, for girls ages 8-12 and touted as a source of empowerment.
I loved having magazine subscriptions as a child. I was a big fan of Highlights magazines, Teen, Seventeen, Glamour and more. But I never lucked into finding a good magazine for younger girls, i.e. as young as 8, that talked about life or encouraged creativity and empowerment.

My daughter is almost eight and we heard about Discovery Girls. Discovery Girls is a magazine that is created by girls, for girls, and is intended for girls ages 8 to 12. Although my daughter is far from a “princess” personality, I can definitely see her interests in “all things girly.” She enjoys shopping at Justice and dressing up in cute clothes just like any other almost eight-year old girl.

I thought I would surprise her with a subscription to Discovery Girls. She was pretty ecited to get her first Discovery Girls issue in the mail, and I was curious to see what she’d think of it. Discovery Girls posts 6 magazines a year at a subscription rate of $19.95 a year. For the money, I think Discovery Girls makes a great gift idea for pre-teen girls.

Discovery Girls magazine is filled with real-life scenarios, funny true stories, confidence builders, and positive articles. My daughter read it from cover to cover in one sitting. She was so excited, she brought her Discover Girls magazine over to the kitchen and read it out loud to me as I cooked dinner. Discovery Girls has so much helpful information, including covering topics that are challenging for girls this age. The issue we read had an article about cliques, communication skills for getting what you want, dealing with siblings, handling jealousy, understanding growing pains and more.

I was really impressed by the Discovery Girls magazine. And, I am happy to find a tool that can help my daughter through tough times. Of course, I am always here for her and we keep our communication open and frequent; but sometimes hearing it from other girls her age who are going through some of the same experiences at the same time can be comforting. Growing up can be tough and I want my kids to have as many resources as possible to help them.

I hope this Discovery Girls Magazine review is helpful.

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