Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper Review – Video

Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper Review – Video – review and video demo of Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper. Fill balloons easily with water, mist, or air using Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper.

Gone are my days of standing for hours at the sink filling water balloons, only to see them get popped within minutes – thanks to the 3-in-1 Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper.

My kids received Discovery Kids Balloon Pumpers as a gift one morning and played with them non-stop until late afternoon. This 3-in-1 manual balloon pumper is a lot of fun.


The Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper water setting fills balloons with a steady, easy to manage, stream of water for a great outdoor water balloon party. The device doesn’t take much practice for kids to manage. Simply fill the container with water, get the water pressure going with a few quick pumps, then fill the balloon by placing it over the nozzle. The nozzle is small and won’t stretch out the balloons and there is a lot less water wasted than there would be by trying to fill balloons at a sink. The Discovery Kids Balloon pumper also features a mister setting.

The air setting easily inflates balloons the way a helium tank would. The air release nozzle releases the air to fill up the balloon quickly but is easy for a child to manage. It’s a great summer toy!

The Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper is a great tool for kids to use to enhance fine motor skills and learn about air/water pressure. The bonus is that they can make water balloons themselves without making a mess of my laundry room sink!

The balloon pumper includes 500 colorful balloons to get the fun started. (Too bad it doesn’t come with a balloon tying function!)

Our Discovery Kids balloon pumpers came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The Discover Kids balloon pumpers are available in blue, purple or green. Here is a link to order the Discovery Kids Balloon Pumper online.

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