Disney Hollywood Studios Pics – Review

Disney Hollywood Studios Pics – Review, video, and info. Disney Hollywood Studios is a theme park that has an even combination of Hollywood themed rides, shows, and attractions. If you’re hard core roller coaster lovers, you may prefer something else. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is more of an overall package.

We’re not the type to get all giddy over princesses and my kids have never really been huge fans of Mickey Mouse for that matter. So selecting Disney Hollywood Studios was the perfect choice for our first Disney visit.

Because it’s all about the rides for my kids, we first hit the Hollywood themed Aerosmith’s Rollercoaster which is an indoor thrill ride that is in the dark, and accented with neon glow-in-the-dark signs and tunnels. You’ll do all kinds of twists and turns and upside downs in the dark. We also enjoyed the Twilight Zone’s haunted hotel with the dropping elevator. From the exterior, you’ll see a hotel structure. The inside keeps with the Twilight Zone deserted theme and is a lobby with cobwebs and dust. The thrills come when you’re seated in an elevator and makes sudden drops from floor to floor.

Disney Hollywood Studios Pics

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But, above all, the biggest hit at the park was the Toy Story 4d tour ride with the laser guns to play games and hit targets much like the Men In Black ride at Universal Studios, but with the toy story theme. The ride wait time for this ride was always the longest, which is completely opposite of what you’d see at other amusement parks like Cedar Point where the biggest thrill rides have the longest lines. Here we have the least scary ride drawing the biggest attention. Disney did this one right. Scores are posted at the end, with top scores from the day. Everyone get competitive and wants to come back and beat scores. It’s great family fun and perfect for all ages.

Disney Hollywood Studios Stunt Show Video

This was fun, entertaining, and probably the ideal route for a Disney experience if you’re like me and not necessarily a fan of the typical Disney experience that is more centered around the characters. We were more interested in a Cedar Point-like experience with a dash of Hollywood. Yes, we were tourists.

Dining options at the Disney Parks offer food for kids that is aimed at healthier options. There are plenty of counter style eateries, as well as many restaurants, including some fine dining establishments. If you’re planning on a sit downexperience, be sure to go to the park’s website and peruse the menus and make a reservation. These places book up far in advance!

Disney has an abundance of accommodations. There are resort hotels of all budgets available and located within minutes of the parks. We stayed at a value hotel that was very reasonable in price and included our parking for the day. This was perfect for us since we were only there for one night and just to sleep. They also offer free shuttle service to and from the parks.

Disneys Hollywood Studios
351 S Studio Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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