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DIY Sidewalk Paint for Kids

DIY Sidewalk Paint for Kids – Make your own sidewalk paint craft for kids. If your child is like most, they have probably experienced the fun of taking coloring off the paper and onto the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.


But now we are taking it even further with sidewalk paint! With just three inexpensive household products every pantry has you can create a full day of creativity, fun, and entertainment for your child.

DIY Sidewalk Paint for Kids Materials

Make Your Own Sidewalk Paint Directions

  • In small cups (empty baby food containers work great), mix equal parts cornstarch and water until smooth.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and mix. Feel free to add more food coloring as needed to create your desired color.

And that’s all there is to it. Simple, I know! Allow your child to hit the pavement and paint a way. Sidewalk paint is great for mixing and creating new colors, making tie die art, or even just splattering. Giving your child a variety of paintbrushes and sponges is also a great way to provide them choices and enhance their creativity. Grab a paintbrush and join in the fun making vibrant pavement art with sidewalk paint.

Possible suggestions for supplies include your local dollar store. You can stock up on inexpensive, sponges, even a multitude of brushes. Our favorite purchase was buying a bunch of cheap plastic mustard or ketchup condiment squeeze bottles.

I used to make the sidewalk paint with the kids as an “as needed” activity in the summer but I’ve found it’s fun make a lot of it in bulk with the kids early in the spring. We make a day of it using old jelly jars and going for quantity that will last the whole summer. The jars store very easily in the garage and you just to stir them up when you use them again, maybe add a little water.

This is a great craft to do WITH your kids. Especially watching them try to invent the perfect colors of paint they’ll use all summer.

Enjoy & Happy Crafting!

DIY sidewalk paint Article submitted to Oakland County Moms by Samantha Bronsing of Oakland County Crafters.

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