DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Solution

Tile Grout Cleaning

DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Solution – Easy DIY solution to clean white tile grout using simple household ingredients. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice,

and water.


It’s a tale of the white grout woes. Let me start with the installation story. About 12 years ago, I selected white tiles for my bathroom remodel. So, of course, I thought the perfect accompaniment would be white grout. The tile guy looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I was sure about that. He tried to warn me that the white wouldn’t be white for long. At this point, I took him for another drama queen (or king in this case) and chose to ignore the warning.

Well, since hindsight is 20/20 I can now admit that I should have heeded the warning. White grout does not stay white for long. I tried aggressive cleaners, bleach pens, strong brushes… and nothing would get the white tile grout clean.

So, when I saw a viral post on facebook recently that made reference to house cleaning remedies using simple, natural ingredients, I decided to check it out. And, there it was – a solution for cleaning tile grout! I put the remedy to the test and am reporting back to you here to let you know how the solution worked out. See pics below for the before and after.

DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Solution Ingredients

  • 7 cups water
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice (or ammonia)
  • 1/4 cup vinegar

DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Solution Directions
Mix the ingredients and then spray onto grout. Let it sit for an hour and then scrub vigorously.

tile grout

Here’s how the experiment went down…

Firstly, if someone can explain to me how to mix these ingredients without getting an explosive volcano effect, please do. I halved the recipe and put the water first, then baking soda, then lemon juice, and finally the vinegar, since that was the order in the list. As soon as I put the lemon juice in, it all started to bubble over. I quickly added the vinegar and put the spray nozzle cap on. The pressure was so great, the spray nozzle was activated without me pressing it and the mixture was spraying all over the kitchen. So, I quickly ran to the bathroom so the spray could finish doing its thing. All I could think was that I was glad I didn’t go with the ammonia in place of the lemon!

After I was done spraying, I let the mixture sit for an hour and then I scrubbed the tile grout like crazy with a heavy duty scrub brush. It kind of worked but never got to striking white again. I’ve heard the ammonia works better on tile grout, but I can’t afford to lose my nasal lining. This result was good enough for me. If you try the ammonia, let me know how it works.
Tile Grout Cleaning

Happy cleaning!

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