Do We Really Need All These Baby Gadgets?

I was browsing over a “Best Products” list for babies. Do new moms really feel they need some of these baby gadgets? I’m going to sound like my mother here… maybe I’m getting old (or my kids are getting too old) but do we really need all this stuff?

My kids are older, and I’ve already seen so many new inventions since I registered for our baby shower. So, let’s take a look at some of these money-making “necessities”…

Do We Really Need All These Baby Gadgets?

My mom nursed me just fine without a Boppy pillow. But with all the hype, I was sucked into registering for the Boppy pillow as part of our baby shower registry. All the moms were jealous because I supposedly had the latest and greatest thing. But when it came time to use it, I quickly threw that thing aside and used a regular pillow. My kids kept rolling on this hard, curved pillow and falling through the darned thing and yanking off of me – OUCH! So maybe I wasn’t using it right… but does it need to be that complicated to begin with?


And how about the Rock and Play Sleeper? Yes, I know that some moms swear by these, but did we have size D battery-operated vibration mechanisms attached to our sleeping arrangements to help us fall asleep? I worry that the babies get used to this and can’t fall asleep without it. Just seems like there’s too much effort to create the perfect sleeping conditions. Life is never perfect and this one could be setting you up for more problems down the road.

Then there’s the portable play yard that started off as a netted, safe play area that could double for sleeping… yet evolved into a two-tiered system with changing table and a second sleeping area. Personally, the more complicated these things get, the more space they take up. Too much clutter for things that are duplicates.

Businesses are doing a great job having moms think they need every gadget out there because they are strongly yearning for their new parenting role to be made easier. However, it can backfire by creating an overwhelming situation… tons of large items strewed all around the house, many of which perform the same function. In the meantime, parents feel squeezed out of their own home. And, every time they look around, all they see are over-sized baby items taking over any interior design theme you may have had going.

I get that everyone is in business to make money, but if I had to give any advice to new moms, I’d forewarn them not to get sucked into all the gadgets. Sometimes I feel these baby gadgets lists just make moms marketing subjects. Take a good look at what the functions are of each, and try to keep it simple. Or, try out several different ones and stick with what works best… but you definitely don’t need it all. The baby will survive and you may be happier as well. Plus, I may be a little skeptical. I was completely fooled into the whole Baby Einstein scam. You know, the one where they convinced everyone that plopping your infant in front of their video would make them geniuses….

Do We Really Need All These Baby Gadgets?

Of course, many may disagree with me… so for what it’s worth, here’s the latest list of American Baby Magazine’s Best Products for Baby… or baby gadgets

Best Nursing Pillow – Boppy nursing pillow
Best Breast Pump – Medela Pump in Style
Best Full Size Highchair – Graco Slim Snacker
Best Compact Highchair – Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Highchair
Best Bottle – It’s a Tie – Munchkin Latch and Dr. Brown’s Options
Best Diaper Bag – Skip-Hop Tote
Best Carrier – Ergo Infant Carrier
Best Travel System – Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System
Best Lightweight Stroller – Chicco Liteway
Best Jogger – Graco Relay Click Connect Jogger
Best Swaddler – Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddlers
Best Bath Wash – Johnson’s Baby Bath Wash
Best Pacifier – MAM pacifiers
Best Swing – Fisher-Price Smart Connect Swing
Best Portable Sleeper – Fisher-Price Rock ’N Play Sleeper
Best Bouncer Seat – Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer Seat
Best Activity Center – It’s a Tie – Baby Einstein Jumper by Kids II and Fisher-Price’s Jumperoo
Best Activity Mat – Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Musical Play Gym

Originally published 9/15

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