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Doc Sweets Clawson Review Pics and Video

Doc Sweets Clawson Review Pics and Video – Review, video and pics of Michigan’s largest candy store – Doc Sweets Candy Company in Clawson MI.


Doc Sweets’ is the largest candy store in Michigan. A visit to the 5,000 square foot Clawson store feels more like a field trip than a shopping visit. The Doc Sweets’ Candy Company store is wall-to-wall candy!

Doc Sweets’ opened in November 2008 and Doc Sweets’ owner David Sklena told me the idea for his store was his vision based on the simple fact that he “always liked candy”.


When Sklena first decided to open Doc Sweets, he was amazed at the different kinds and amounts of candy that was actually available. Doc Sweets’ has access to so many candies, so the store keeps getting bigger and bigger. You can even order the candy featured at Doc Sweets’ Candy Company via their website but a trip to the Doc Sweets store is worth the drive.

Sklena adds, “We have over 5,000 different kinds of candy. Some adults are more crazy than the kids when they come into Doc Sweets.’ Everyone feels like a kid again.  People even come in and request candy that is no longer available. Every day someone comes in asking for a Marathon bar.”

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Sklena says he would love to open another Doc Sweets’ Candy Company location some day. Easter and Christmas are even busier than Halloween at Doc Sweets’ Candy Company. Doc Sweets’ Candy Company carries seasonal favorites like peeps in every color of the rainbow.

Doc Sweets a great selection of sugar free candy and over 500 bulk items. At Doc Sweets’, you will get a clean scooper every time at the bulk section. Each person gets a scoop to shop with and then returns it to counter to be washed for the next use. Most recently, they have added single color selections of different items. M&Ms, gumballs, gummy bears and more can be picked by the color. Great for weddings showers and schools. The front of the store offers mini-shopping karts for kids to browse the aisles of stocked candy.

Doc Sweets’ carries lots of nostalgic, hard to find candy. If they made it when you were a kid, and it’s still being made, you can find it here. Doc Sweets’ Candy Company offers Kosher products too.


Doc Sweets’ Candy Company Clawson
135 N Rochester Road
Clawson, Michigan 48017


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