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Dogtopia Birmingham Spa For Dogs

Dogtopia Birmingham Spa For Dogs – review, pics, and info. Dogtopia in Birmingham offers a dog daycare (full day and half-day daycare), overnight boarding, and a spa for dogs. Dogtopia is not a kennel. There is a much bigger process that goes on here all in the interest of giving the dogs top notch care and the most enjoyable stay possible.

Before a dog stays at Dogtopia, they are brought into the Head to Tail Evaluation room for a full testing evaluation that assesses their behavior, temperament, etc. Then, based on the evaluation, size and temperament… the staff decides what room is best suited for the dogs to go in.

Dogtopia Birmingham Spa For Dogs Pics

There are three rooms at Dogtopia Birmingham. They are mostly divided out by size and personality. The rooms have a rubberized floor that is easy on joints and paws, and for easy clean up. Plus, if the dogs have an accident inside, they won’t develop any bad habits. The dogs fortunately won’t confuse this flooring with that of an interior home. Also, each room has its own HVAC control so germs won’t spread! There are separate room temperature control as well. Dogtopia also cleans and vacuums several times each day.

In addition to the three rooms, there is an outside area with artificial grass. Dogs are taken out each hour for potty and outdoor time. At the end of the day, it gets flushed out with a odor terminating solution, and all products are pet friendly.

During a dog’s stay, Dogtopia Birmingham will track the dog’s behavior. They use color coded collars to differentiate dogs’ behaviors and for similar breeds that look alike. It’s a true “science” and it shows how much they care.

Dogtopia requires that Vaccinations are up to date, especially bordatella. Dogtopia can also administer vitamins and meds. They have a full kitchen with refrigerator to keep things cool.

Pet owners can watch what goes on at Dogtopia via a Webcam and viewing the rooms online. It’s interesting to see how your dog interacts with other dogs when you’re not around.

Every week, Dogtopia holds fun parties for the dogs. The parties are included with that day’s daycare fee. And, in many cases, Dogtopia will take a pic of your dog for you in relation to the party theme. They’re too cute!

Dogs nap and eat in their crates. If a dog won’t stay in a crate, Dogtopia has suites with glass walls that are larger.

Dogtopia Birmingham spa services include

  • Bath
  • Nails
  • Ears
  • Teeth
  • Spa

Grooming is coming soon. The services can be done for you by the staff during your dog’s stay. Or, if you want to use the equipment/spa room and do it yourself, just call ahead to schedule a time to walk in and give your dog a spa experience for $15 for a self serve dog wash. Walk-ins are welcomed as well.

Customers are encouraged to buy passes at Dogtopia because they don’t expire, and you get a cost savings.

Dogtopia Birmingham
Address – 2300 Cole St., Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone – 248-540-3344
Website –

Dogtopia of Birmingham Hours
Monday-Friday 7a-7p
Saturday – 10a-5p
Sunday – 10a-5p (Boarding drop-off/pick-up only)

For more info on Dogtopia Birmingham, visit

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