Doker Steam Mop Review

Doker Steam Mop Model VS518 review and info. This mop boasts the ability to steam clean both hard surfaces and carpet in addition to being a detachable handheld steamer unit for other various household surfaces. I recently received a Doker Steam Cleaner for a review, however these opinions are my own.

Steam cleaners basically operate on using hot steam to clean rather than chemical filled household cleaners. You insert clean water into a water tank, then the unit heats up and disperses steam out of the different function heads to clean things by sterilizing them and using heat to remove dirt and build up.

I have owned a steam cleaner before, and these modern versions of steam cleaners are much easier to use. First, the Doker steam cleaner is much lighter in weight and easier to move around. They’ve also improved upon all the connections to make it easier to put together and take apart to use it for different reasons. I’ll be honest, I did not use my last one that much because it became more of a nuisance to take it out and put it all together, rather than just using a household cleaner sprayed on and wiped up with a cloth.

REVIEW – Here is what I like about the Doker Steam Mop

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with many accessories, such as a window cleaner, a scrubbing brush for barbecues, a grout brush, a flat scraper tool that you can use when defrosting a freezer, a garment tool, and finally a carpet glider so that you can steam clean your carpets easily
  • Not having to use any harsh cleaners
  • The effectiveness of the cleaning
  • It can be used for so many purposes and on so many surfaces
  • It can be used as a handheld cleaner and as an upright cleaner that also gets underneath furniture
  • It’s affordable… For its effectiveness, the Doker Steam Mop is cheaper than many similar steam mops with similar abilities. I was able to find this unit for less than $75 at the time of this review

REVIEW – Here’s what I do not like about the Doker Steam Mop

  • The steam on/off switch – I wish that the steamer power switch for both the upright steam cleaner and the handheld steam cleaner was a push-in “on” style button. So that when you pushed the button in, it stayed pushed in and the steam cleaner continued to let out steam. And, then you push it back in to pop it back out and turn the steam off. It’s just a lot to press in for that long of a time as you’re cleaning, washing floors, etc. I found that my hands ached by holding the button pressed for so long.
  • Placement of the steam activating buttons are not in a natural position. The placement of the button for the upright is not in the good spot for my small hands on the handle. But I’m sure that varies with each user. I would prefer that the steam button was in the curve of the handle where the hand rests for the upright. And for the handheld, my thumb has a hard time keeping the button pressed in. There’s a spring mechanism in the button so that is added tension that needs to be pressed.


The power switch for the entire unit is a circular rotating switch that clicks on easily and rotates for adjustable steam control. You can use more steam for the jobs that need a deeper cleaning.

There is a filter on the steam cleaner that needs to be cleaned out on occasion for the calcium deposits resulting from the evaporation of the water. So, I would recommend using a distilled water or reverse osmosis water. I use reverse osmosis water and so far have not seen that the filter needs to be cleaned out yet. They also recommend that you clean out the tools after each use, and I would see that as also being more necessary if the water had more potential to leave a residue.

My final point about the steam cleaner would be that it cleans better than I thought it would. After I use the steam cleaner on the floors, the pad does show that it picked up some dirt. We don’t wear shoes in our house, so I was surprised to see that it was actually dirty. I also liked the handheld unit which allowed me to clean some hard water deposits in our bathroom that I could not do with other cleaners.

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