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Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club Review – I signed up for Dollar Shave Club because it was so cheap, I couldn’t go wrong. If you’re not familiar with Dollar Shave Club, here’s how it works…

For a few dollars per month, the Dollar Shave Club sends you new blades so you can always have fresh sharp blades.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve most likely seen the sponsored posts for the Dollar Shave Club. Even though the blades are geared more towards men, shaving razors offered by the Dollar Shave Club can be used by anyone.

Here are the three different Dollar Shave Club options:

Dollar Shave Club Prices

  • Twin Razor Blade – $1/month for 5 cartridges (does not include shipping)
  • Four Blade Razor – $6/month for 4 cartridges (shipping included)
  • Six Blade Razor – $9/month for 4 cartrides (shipping included)

I can’t see how this wouldn’t amount to a cost savings. My husband does his best to stretch his expensive blade refills – even resorting to whacky methods to extend the life of his razor blades (see related posts below). I hate shopping for razor blades. They’re so expensive and not something fun to spend money on. With the Dollar Shave Club, you can even opt to an every other month shipment if you think you can stretch the life of your razor that long. This is what I opted for and I have no problem with an automated charge going to my VISA every other month for $6 measly dollars, and some brand new razors showing up at my doorstep. Painless.

I tried the four blade razor for the first time today and I was totally impressed. I was buying disposable razors, which of course suck in comparison to anything. But, it was great to finally use a high quality razor. My husband tried it out our Dollar Shave Club review as well, which is a true test of the quality and he is thrilled, too. He no longer has to ride out long periods of a dull blade because he’s being cheap. He gets sharp blades all the time for WAY less than buying usual replacements. Looks like we’ll be long standing members of the Dollar Shave Club.

Some Dollar Shave Club reviews by women state the blades are too “masculine” or they’d prefer the razors be pink. I have no problem using the trendy-looking white razor blade that is provided with the service.

So, if you’ve seen the ad, I can assure you it’s not a scam. And, if you’re looking to try it out, please feel free to use my link… each person that signs up gets a link they can give out to friends and there’s free razors to be had! You’ll get a link, too if you sign up.

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