Don’t Be A Slave to the Fitness Industry

Don’t Be A Slave to the Fitness Industry – You don’t need a Fit Bit, a Peloton, a smart fitness mirror, expensive workout clothes, or the latest crazy exercise routine to lose weight or increase your fitness level.

Don’t Be A Slave to the Fitness Industry


The fitness industry is big business. People are spending all kinds of money on trainers, Fit Bits, intense cross fit programs, equipment that looks like it came out of Rocky IV’s Drago’s gym, and more. The problem with these is that they are short-term unless you have the will within to remain fit. But, more and more people are buying into these gadgets and programs. Many are spending big coin on intense cross fit programs that leave you feeling misleadingly good in the short term, but have you dreading them in the long run because they’re too extreme and unsustainable. Don’t be a slave to the fitness industry fads.

The latest are Smart Fitness Mirrors and Peloton. It’s hard to miss the Peloton commercials, basically Peloton is a $1500 exercise (spin) bike that yells at you. The fitness mirrors are $1500 mirrors that hang on your wall that show you your vitals like a fit-bit would while you stare at your own reflection or through your reflection to the personal trainer on the other side of the mirror. This trainer is there to instruct you on your form the way a $15 exercise book would teach you.

My home gym was purchased 21 years ago when my husband and I were engaged. Our gym memberships were up and instead of spending $ on both of us, we invested in some gym equipment. 1 weight bench, 1 smith machine with pulleys, a bunch of dumbells, olympic weights and bars, and a padded floor. It probably set us back $1200 in total. 21 years later, we more than got our money’s worth. I doubt people will be using their $1500 Peloton bikes (and an additional $40 per month for the training aspect) in 21 years.

If you want to stay fit, it’s more realistic to “buy into” a program that you can stick with for the long haul, and accepting it as a way of life rather than relying on the latest gadgets or army-style boot camp trainer to yell you into shape. Remember when everyone bought those P90 extreme 90-day workout programs back in 2011? Do you think they kept that insane routine going? I’m guessing 80% of those people now look like what they did before they bought that expensive program. Crossfit is extreme, but not sustainable for a lifetime – maybe not even more than about 8 months.

I have to laugh at my husband sometimes. Strong beyond belief and very fit – for a 48 year-old OR for a 24 year-old. The man works out in a t-shirt and shorts like a caveman using only free-weights and a basic Smith Machine (with pulley extensions). His formula is simple. Don’t yo-yo, don’t kill yourself, and keep a regular schedule. His Fit Bit is his brain. When his muscles fail, he stops. When he gets tired from doing cardio, that’s when he rests. I find the same to be successful with me as well. I would venture to estimate that we have exercised at least 3-4 days per week for 30+ years. Don’t be a slave to the fitness industry! You don’t need to spend $1500 to have someone help you do the work that you have to do 100% of anyways. These mirrors, fit bits, and virtual bikes NEVER do the work for you, so why spend a fortune on something you have to do?

Don’t Be A Slave to the Fitness Industry Tips

  • Find a motivating workout partner. If you know someone who also wants to work out, hold each other to it.
  • Do workouts that you enjoy and DO NOT burn you out.
  • If you really want your workouts to be effective, don’t spoil them with a poor diet. I once interviewed a celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak (see related posts below for interview) and he says the breakdown is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Your workouts can be much easier with greater results… less burnout.
  • Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be all about the bells and whistles… take a walk, hike, bike a trail, lift some free weights at home… if it’s easy and convenient to do, you’re more likely to do it (and stick with it).
  • Conversely, if your workout is too difficult, and you dread it… your brain will come up with all kinds of excuses not to do it. If it’s too hard, it’s not sustainable.

They key to exercise is incorporating exercise into your lifestyle and making it permanent. Don’t be a slave to the fitness industry.

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