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Door to Door Organics Review – Review of Door to Door Organics, an online delivery service that brings fresh, organic produce to your door. In addition to being fresh and organic, Door to Door Organics is local. You support Michigan businesses and farmers with every order.

I received a delivery today to trial and was very impressed the moment I opened the box. Everything was packaged so carefully to keep it all from getting bumped around and “bruised.” The food was in perfect condition, especially considering that it is all organic. I try to buy organic when I can, and I’ve noticed that because the shelf life can be short, sometimes what is available in stores is not of the freshest quality. With Door to Door Organics, it goes from farm right to your door so it’s fresh.

Finally, it’s convenient. It’s easy to stock up on the non-perishables like cereal and peanut butter, but I find myself making multiple trips to the grocery stores to get fresh produce. Having it delivered right to your door can save you time and money with reduced trips to the grocery stores.

Door to Door Organics offers other products as well in addition to the produce. If you peruse the website, you will find other Made in Michigan products.  As a part of my order, I asked Door to Door if I could also try one of the organic jams as well as the chocolate covered shortbread cookies. Both were high quality and tasty. The first thing I did was peek at the ingredients (a habit I’ve developed quite strongly with my daughter’s Eosiniphilic Esophagitis condition). One thing I look for is do I recognize all of the ingredients as being real foods and not some chemical preservative. And, the fewer the number of ingredients, the better. These products came through with top scores on both accounts.

One other thing I’ve noticed about the produce delivery is that it encourages healthy eating. With me, if it’s readily available, I will prepare it for my family. Without deliveries, I may wait a couple of days before heading back out to the store to restock on the fruits and veggies.

Door to Door Organics is a weekly delivery service. The contents change every week based on the freshest arrivals from organic farms. And, if there’s something you don’t need or want, you can customize your box with substitutions.

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Door to Door Organics Review – March 2011

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