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Dr Tracht and Dr Briskie Pediatric Dentistry Rochester Hills

Dr Tracht and Dr Briskie Pediatric Dentistry Rochester Hills – The staff at Pediatric Dentistry in Rochester Hills are highly skilled in caring for children. Dr Tracht and Dr Briskie Pediatric Dentistry in Rochester Hills MI promotes the importance of getting care early on so they can be proactive in preventing disease (rather than treating disease down the road), and so they can establish a dental home for the patient for both dentistry and orthodontics. Patients get to know and trust the staff at a young age and with a positive visit. It’s more fun to ‘polish and count’ teeth than to fix them! Pediatric Dentistry upholds the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that recommends a child be seen between the appearance of the first tooth and age one. Practicing prevention instead of having to treat disease later helps to establish positive attitudes toward oral healthcare that will serve kids well throughout their lives.

Dr Tracht and Dr Briskie Pediatric Dentistry staff also work closely with parents to successfully manage their children for the dentistry and orthodontics care. Sometimes that means a parent is actively involved and sometimes it means they are invited to be a “silent observer.” Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents to be calm and supportive. Children can detect a parent’s concern, which can create anxiety for the child. The staff also encourages parents to speak about the appointment casually and positively, and leave the rest to them!

An example of talking positively to your child about a dental visit is to say, “We’re going to go get shiny teeth.” Don’t say “It’s not going to hurt” or, “They won’t give you a shot.” Stick with positive language to help create positive thoughts. It may also be fun to read a book about a first dental visit.

The staff at Dr. Tracht and Dr. Briskie’s office is highly trained to deal with all types of children. There are many special things they do to make the appointment more comfortable depending on the need. Children are usually comforted from the moment they walk in the door. The staff talks to them, shows them what they’re going to do before they do it… And for children who are more tactically defensive, it starts with a simple tour of the office. A hygienist’s mask is less scary if it is first shown to the patient and it is explained that it covers the mouth so we don’t share germs! Lots of ‘prizes, tablets, headphones for music or stories also help support a successful experience.

Additionally, Dr. Tracht and Dr. Briskie’s office caters to children with more complex needs, including those with autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, congenital defects, etc. Dr. Tracht and Dr. Briskie’s office is a primary resource for autism society referrals, as well as other special needs.

Some children who require treatment are unable to cooperate due to their young age or special challenges. Drs. Tracht, Briskie and their associates, Dr. Lisa Goldberg and Dr. Michelle Tiberia can help with some mild medications, as necessary. For more severe cases (there are few) the doctors provide treatment safely at a local hospital using unconscious sedation with an anesthesiologist.

Monitoring growth and development helps to determine the ideal time to manage a patient’s orthodontic needs. Dr. Nicholas Rafaill, specialist in orthodontics, provides comprehensive orthodontic care to children and adults.

The staff at Pediatric Dentistry in Rochester Hills, Michigan specializes in Dentistry for special needs patients. See related posts below for more info.

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See related posts below for info on dentistry for special needs patients at the office of Dr Tracht and Dr Briskie Pediatric Dentistry Rochester Hills.

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