Drake Sports Park West Bloomfield

Drake Sports Park West Bloomfield review, pics, and info. Drake Sports is a 52-acre park maintained by West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation that features a skate park, Safety Town, picnic shelters, a wetland observation area, picnic shelter, and several tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields.

Drake Sports Park is one of the recreational hubs for the activities, sports leagues, and fun summer camps hosted by West Bloomfield Parks. You’ll find 3 soccer fields, 5 tennis courts, 3 softball diamonds, 4 pickleball courts – all with concessions and indoor restrooms located nearby.


Drake Sports Park Pics

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The Skate Park is a major attraction located near the center of the park. The large skate park is grafitti-free, clean, and the concrete is almost completely smooth.

Drake also boasts a 14′ wide pave trail is nearly a mile long and features Fit-Trac exercise stations. The Fit-Trac stations are modern, updated versions of those fitness stations that used to dot MetroParks in the 70s and 80s. These stops encourage sit-ups, leg-lifts, and other exercises you can incorporate into your fitness walks. The fitness trail outlines the perimeter of the park and is very scenic. For a sports complex, the park also manages to fit in plenty of nature and leisure opportunities.

There are 2 playgrounds next to the picnic shelter / pavilion. Neither are anything to write home about but they are both clean and well-maintained. The picnic shelter / pavilion is available to rent and so is the park’s meeting room. Facility rental for the shelter and fields is available by calling 248-451-1900.


West Bloomfield Parks crams an incredible number of amenities in the 52-acre space park and uses the land (and parking) wisely. All features of the park are well-within the convenient parking lot. The park and its niceties are impeccably maintained.

Drake Sports Park
6801 Drake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Drake Sports Park Hours
Daily from 8a – Dusk

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For more info on Drake Sports Park West Bloomfield, visit www.wbparks.org

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