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Droid Pro Review

Droid Pro Review – review of the Droid Pro phone and comparisons to the original Droid and Droid 2 by Verizon wireless. Droid Pro reminds me of a Blackberry and would make a good transition phone for devoted Blackberry users looking to make the leap to a Droid.

The Droid Pro is a global-ready Android smartphone, which means that it allows customers to use the wireless voice service in more than 220 countries and data coverage in more than 200 countries.

The qwerty keyboard seems smaller than other phones so I can’t imagine it would be easy to use by someone with bigger fingers. That said, I had far fewer typos than I had anticipated. It was a very short while before I got used to typing on this keyboard. I now use the large touch screen that my Samsung Fascinate offers. I was surprised that this was an easy transition. My only struggle was that I kept on wanting to turn the phone horizontally to have a wider typing space.

The Droid Pro provides the speed you would expect from a Droid, and does so seamlessly. I never experienced any hiccups in the service and I was able to get to and from different pages online without hesitation.

The screen size is smaller since it shares the phone’s face with the qwerty keyboard below it, but it’s a decent trade-off.

The Droid Pro conveniently comes pre-loaded with Quickoffice Mobile Suite. Users have access to Word, Excel, and more.

The phone has a nice solid feel and although it’s smaller than the other Droids, it’s still very easy to hold. Additionally, even though the Droid Pro is smaller, the battery still needs a daily charge.

If I had my heart set on a Droid and a qwerty keyboard, I would be leaning toward the Droid Pro vs. the Droid or the Droid 2.

If you’re good with the smaller screen, tight typing space, and/or are looking for a change from the Blackberry, the Droid Pro could very likely be your phone of choice. I hope you find this Droid Pro review helpful.

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