Eagle Creek Academy Rochester Hills MI

Eagle Creek Academy Rochester Hills MI is a nationally accredited, private school for children from 3 years old to 8th grade.

At Eagle Creek, the teachers believe that each child is unique, and their mission is to give each child an excellent academic foundation and a strong sense of confidence in himself. To this end, the teachers identify each child’s individual needs and teach in very small groups of 8 to 16 students. Eagle Creek’s teachers are loving, energetic and experienced, with an average of 16 years in their own classrooms. The teachers use a strong curriculum that surpasses state requirements and emphasizes skills and understanding. They believe in using hands-on activities, not only in art and science, but throughout the day. This gives the students a chance to move around and reinforces their learning.

All Eagle Creek’s K-8 students have Spanish, Technology, Art, Music and Gym classes. They may also have other electives such as Drama or Jr. Economics. Eagle Creek emphasizes technology, with computers in every K-8 classroom, a computer lab, video recorders, cameras, a green screen, robotics kits and much more.

Eagle Creek Academy has a large preschool program, with many scheduling options. The preschool teachers offer their students the prefect balance of learning and play. The children work on reading, writing, math, science, health, geography, and have regular Spanish classes, but they also bring in pets, do kid-cooking, and play outside a lot. The teachers want their preschoolers to be ready for Kindergarten, but they also know the importance of having fun and loving school.

At Eagle Creek, everyone enjoys a strong family atmosphere, both in the classroom and as among the families. The school and the parents organize many well-loved events, including the Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Bowling, Grandparents Day, Field Day, International Day and more. Most importantly, the administration, teachers and parents share a deep respect for each other with open lines of communication, including regular meetings, weekly updates, monthly newsletters and whatever it takes to work together.

Eagle Creek Academy has become known over the years as a safe school for children with extreme allergies and complicated health issues. The teachers are both well-trained and eager to help out. If you have this concern, you have found the right place for your child at Eagle Creek Academy in Rochester Hills, MI.

In addition, you will find that Eagle Creek’s entire community celebrates diversity. The students represent a variety of ethnicities, religions and abilities, and they love sharing their similarities and differences.

Finally, Eagle Creek Academy has big, sunny classrooms, and lots of extras, such as a stage, science lab, cafeteria, library, reading room and some great playgrounds. Even though visitors are impressed with the campus, the most important thing is the wonderful people.

Eagle Creek Academy Rochester Hills MI
3739 Kern Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48363
Email – catherinehammond@outlook.com
Website – www.eaglecreekacademy.com
Phone – 248-475-9999

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