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Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellent

Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellent Review and product info. Earthkind‘s Stay Away Mosquitoes spray uses CDC-recommended Picaridin to repel insects. It’s poison-free, DEET-free, unscented and claims to protect against mosquitoes and ticks for 14 hours, and biting flies, gnats and chiggers for 8 hours. EarthKind’s Stay Away pouches for the home use all-natural, plant-based ingredients to repel other pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and moths.

I am a magnet for mosquitoes! I get bit a lot and the bites are super itchy and last about a week or so. It’s one of the downfalls of summer for me because I can’t get away from those annoying mosquitoes.


Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellent

I heard about Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellent and was very interested because I do everything I can to avoid using DEET. I’ve tried mixing Citronella oil and coconut oil, but there’s a strong scent. If you don’t like the smell of Citronella, you definitely won’t be a fan of this option.

This bug spray is unscented and uses Picaridin, which is bio-identical to a black pepper plant. The other Stay Away products are poison-free pest repellents for the home. It is DEET-Free so it is safe for use on pregnant women and children. The repellent protects against mosquitoes and ticks for 14-hours, and biting flies, gnats and chiggers for up to 8 hours when used as directed.

The product contains Picaridin as the active ingredient. Picaridin makes you “invisible” to mosquitoes rather than repels them with an unpleasant scent like DEET would. One of the main features I love about Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellents that it is unscented. But, because of how it works, I suggest that you rub the repellent into every inch of exposed skin rather than just spraying it on. The spray bottle mists very nicely, but if any skin didn’t get hit, the mosquitoes may find it.

I also loved how the repellent protects against more than just mosquitoes. Ticks are pretty bad this year, and are a definite concern.

Another pro about the Earthkind Stay Away Mosquitoes Repellent is that it does not feel sticky or greasy after applied. It actually feels like nothing at all is on your skin. So, there’s no scent and no “residue” – it basically feels like you haven’t applied anything at all, which is very nice.

We put the spray to a steep test with a jaunt through the woods. I will admit we had not applied it perfectly so the protection was improved, but not perfect. This is how I learned that we need to rub it out so it is spread on all exposed skin.

In addition to making sure to get the repellent on all exposed skin, there are other things to look out for in regard to the effectiveness of to repel mosquitoes – using it with sunscreen, the color of the clothing that is worn, blood type, and exercise/sweat that may all attribute to making mosquitoes more attracted to you.

These are all some great tips to help keep your summers mosquito and insect bite free!


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