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Educatius International Host Family Opportunities

Educatius International provides host family opportunities for families across Oakland County, Metro Detroit MI and the entire United States.

Educatius International is a company that brings students from more than 30 different countries to cities and towns across the US to study at the high school and college level.

Host Families come in many different shapes and sizes – young couples with small children, single persons, one parent families, empty nesters, etc. The one characteristic all host families share is a big heart with a lot of love for a new family member. Below is a testimonial from a host family:

“The first day Jesse walked into our home more than 7 years ago it was love at first sight.

I have had big dreams of my own children being exchange students while in high school but it did not happen. When I found out I could be a host family for an amazing boy from South Korea I jumped at the opportunity.
This one decision impacted our lives in such a phenomenal way. My children who are now grown, have brothers and sisters all over the world. The fact that they grew up with international students in our home has opened doors for them they never thought imaginable.

The students, well, the experience has changed their lives completely. We have brought the world to our home for more than 7 years. It has been quite a ride.”

Dat is a student from Vietnam. He is just one of the many international students that are currently attending Oakland County High Schools. Joy and Matthew opened their heart and home to Dat this year. They have no children of their own, so he has been a nice addition to their family.

The prospect of having a teenager in their home was both intriguing and intimidating. They report this experience has been rewarding with their Educatius student.

Sharing their cultures through meals and conversations has given them a broader world view, in return, their beautiful home and community involvement has been a retreat with many opportunities to be involved for Dat. He has grown to appreciate the US and culture and plans to return next year to go to college.

Educatius International is currently looking for host families in Oakland County for the 2015-2016 school year to host students from countries such as Spain, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Host families receive a monthly stipend per student and provide a room for the student with a bed, small dresser and desk for study. The host family will provide a loving, nurturing environment and meals in the home.

Students have their own medical insurance and spending money. Students are here for 1 or 2 semesters and come from all over the world.

Please contact Melanie Smith at for more information on Educatius International. Visit for more info on the host family program.

Educatius International Host Family Opportunities – Bring the World Home.


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