Emagine Theatre Royal Oak

emagine theatre royal oak

Emagine Theatre Royal Oak Review – Pics – Review and pics of Emagine Theatre in Royal Oak, Emagine Theatre Royal Oak Bowling lanes, and more.

The 71,000 square foot Emagine Theatre entertainment facility features a 10-screen movie theatre and 16 lanes of upscale boutique bowling, including a private room with four bowling lanes and a bar that is ideal for family and corporate outings. For larger gatherings, there is a 200 person banquet room.

Emagine Theatre Royal Oak

The Emagine Theatre Royal Oak is in keeping with Emagine Entertainment’s upscale theatre reputation. Evertything is top notch.  The state-of-the-art auditoriums are equipped with digital projection and stadium seating. All showtimes have luxury seating available (with 56” row spacing) for an additional charge. Some shows have DBOX seating available – for an additional cost added to each ticket. DBOX motion effects are specifically programmed for each film, and are sent to a motion generating system integrated with the seating.

Emagine offers a quality movie viewing experience. Not only is the seating as comfortable as a leather chair at home, but more importantly, the aisles are so wide that there’s no chance of someone stepping on your toes or kicking you as they escape for a soda refill.

And, don’t worry about parking. Emagine Theatre Royal Oak has a 400-space parking structure to provide customers a safe and nearby location to park.

Quality food and drinks can be enjoyed all throughout the facility, including pizza by Crust restaurant, popcorn popped in olive oil, and cocktails. I might add that I’m no lush here, but I love that the option is available at Emagine to order from a cocktails concession stand. Gourmet pizza and a glass of wine with a movie… hmmm… interesting.

I asked Emagine Theatre owner Paul Glantz how an idea as grand as this one was conceptualized. “Well it’s evolved. I’m not a person with all the best ideas, but I’m surrounded by people who have a lot of good ideas. And, we incorporate them and come up with eventually, what I think, is the optimal solution for a wonderful entertainment venue.” When asked what aspect he is most excited about, he replied, “I’m really excited about the 4-lane private bowling center – the High Roller Room. The reason why I’m excited about this is because it’s really unique. I don’t think anyone has anything like it in Southeast Michigan. It’s four lanes of private bowling, it has its own bar, its own billiard table, shuffle board… It’s really a place for a lovely party.”

Emagine Theatre Royal Oak Pics

Metro Detroit Emagine Theatre Locations

Emagine Palladium – Birmingham – 209 Hamilton Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com
Emagine – Canton – 39535 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com
Emagine – Macomb – 15251 23 Mile Rd, Macomb, MI 48042, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com
Emagine – Novi, 44425 West 12 Mile Road, Novi, Michigan 48377, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com
Emagine – Royal Oak – 200 N. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com
Emagine – Rochester Hills – 200 Barclay Circle, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307, 888-319-FILM, www.emagine-entertainment.com

Don’t forget, Emagine Theatres hosts awesome events and birthday parties for kids!

For more info on Emagine Theatre Royal Oak, visit visit www.emagine-entertainment.com

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