Escape Mail – The Subscription Escape Room

Escape Mail is an at-home escape room style adventure game that is ideal to play with a group of people via a subscription service. I’ve done the escape room experience with groups of friends and loved it. This had the same feel, the same mind boggling challenges, and the same sense of accomplishment when you solve something. Escape Mail is played in the comfort of your own home so it’s a great option if you love escape rooms but would rather play them at home on a game night.


Escape Mail players get an envelope filled with clue & adventure delivered to their homes. They run by seasons with 12 episodes each (one per month for one year). Each episode contains a thrilling storyline that includes a combination of physical manipulation, online and multimedia twists, and has hints available at every stage if needed.

In short, Escape Mail lets you bring the escape room experience to your kitchen table to play with your family and friends each month.

Escape Mail – The Subscription Escape Room REVIEW

The Escape Mail storyline deepens over 12 episodes, giving players an adventure to look forward to month after month. Each of the Episodes is sequential and you must solve one to move on to the next one which is a continuation from where the previous one left off. Your adventure begins when you open the contents & clues of your envelope onto your kitchen table or living room coffee table!

In the Escape Rooms I participated in, there’s a staff member that goes in with you and observes. We were allowed three hints from the staff person if we needed them. With Escape Mail, hints are available as well and don’t spoil the fun.

The hints are in tiers with about four of them at each step to help you solve the clue. The first hint is vague and still gives you the opportunity to think it through. The hints reveal more as you go to each one with the final hint revealing the answer to that step. Some even include a video to show how to solve it. We really appreciated how the hints were tiered with Escape Mail. We didn’t want to tap into the hints and have it “given away” right away.

Overall, it took us over two hours to complete one “episode”. We found it to be a difficult challenge that was fun to work on as a family. Our episode was VERY challenging, but that’s a good thing, right? Escape Mail really brings out the teamwork as it is a game best played with a group where everyone can work off each other. As one person is coming up with an idea, the next is building off of it and so on until you reach a solution… just like a real Escape Room.

I can see there being several different Escape Mail Seasons so the fun will last a long time. I can’t imagine doing anything more difficult than the “Regular” skill level but, maybe there are some hardcore players that would tackle more difficult versions for the heck of it. Your skills grow the more you play because it teaches you a new way of thinking.

Escape Mail is a great and affordable gift idea. You can order it as a monthly subscription, single episodes, or binge it all at once in one big order.


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