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Eton Academy Day School for ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Eton Academy Day School for ADHD and Other Learning Challenges – Eton Academy is a nationally awarded day school in Birmingham, MI, educating boys and girls in grades 1-12. Eton’s program is designed exclusively for students with reading, attention and other learning disabilities, such as ADHD and dyslexia.

Serving Metro Detroit, MI students with ADHD and other learning challenges since 1986, Eton Academy has helped more than 1300 students with reading challenges find educational success. In the past four years, 94% of Eton Academy’s graduates have gained acceptance to colleges and universities, compared to only 10% of similar students nationwide. (According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities.)

At Eton, compassionate teachers deliver a research-based curriculum in an environment of support and acceptance. Eton students are each unique and remarkable. ADHD, students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities deserve an educational experience that can say exactly the same. That’s why we’ve developed the Eton ApproachTM to help students.

The Eton Approach includes:

  • a research-based curriculum as well as specialized support for each student
  • small class sizes with no more than 10 students in each class
  • highly trained teachers who receive 150 additional hours in Schools Attuned, a neuro developmental approach to instruction as well as Eton specific training for ADHD students, dyslexia, reading challenges and learning disabilities.
  • classrooms, teachers and students equipped with the latest technology to help students learn, including SmartBoards, Phonic Ear (surround sound) and Ipads for every student.
  • a partnership with parents that includes weekly emails and phone calls with teachers to ensure the home/school communication is strong and mutually supportive.

Additionally, the Eton Approach …

  • adapts to how students learn and process information.
  • respects how students and parents feel.
  • provides teachers with assessments and data to make decisions regarding personalized instruction on an ongoing basis.
  • delivers instruction using the following techniques: multi-sensory, sequential, systematic, cumulative, direct, cross-curricular, hands-on and experiential.

When you combine this emphasis on specialized support for ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges with personalized instruction, you have a school that is truly designed to support the needs of its students.

You have Eton Academy.

Eton Academy
1755 Melton
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
P 248.642.1150

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  1. The blog’s information about Eton Academy as a day school for ADHD and other learning challenges is incredibly helpful for parents seeking the right educational options. Thanks, author, for shedding light on this valuable resource. It’s important to provide every child with the support they need to succeed in school!


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