Extend Life of Disposable Razor Blades – Tips

Tips to Extend Life of Disposable Razor Blades. Save money by making those disposable blades last longer with these handy tips!

There’s a saying I heard in one of my Wayne State Marketing courses. “Give them the razor, let them buy the blades.” So true! Whenever Gillete or Schick come out with a new and improved razor, they ship a free one to my husband.


My husband is a sucker for these “freebies.” He went from a “free” Mach III to a “free” Schick Quattro to a “free” Gillette Sensor (4 blades). Does he really need 4 blades? Anyway, he loves the razor but the blades are always improving and the razor blade cartridges always cost more to replace as the quality gets better. I’ve done some research on how to cut down costs and extend the life of disposable razor blades.

Tips to Extend Life of Disposable Razor Blades:

1. Dry Razor Blades After Every Use. Water corrodes the sensor strip on the razor. My husband noticed that he easily lengthened the life of the blade and strip as a whole when he kept the blade dry after each use.

2. Use Razor Oil. Go to your local beauty supply store and purchase Razor oil. Placing a dried razor in the oil keeps the blades from rusting, prevents nicks and keeps it sharp. No razor oil? Just dry the blade and soak it in rubbing alcohol.

3. Watch This Video. It works! When the razor begins to dull, take a pair of heavy denim jeans and run the razor along the leg of the jeans from hip to cuff 5-10 times, in the opposite direction of shaving. Then run the razor along the same leg from cuff to hip 5-10 times, again in the opposite direction of shaving. This sharpens a dull blade and extends the life of a dulling cartridge. 

4. Buy bulk! I didn’t think this was possible but ebay has many accredited sellers that can sell large shipments of blades that work out to about $1.50 per unit. Maybe if my husband buys 50 of these cartridges for a good price he’ll resist temptation if Gillette ever comes out with a new “ocho” razor.

Do you have any more tips for how to extend life of disposable razor blades?

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