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Extraordinary Ventures Michigan – EVM

Extraordinary Ventures Michigan – EVM – is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on creating employment opportunities for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This non-profit organization is an unprecedented collaboration between Oakland University, Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM), and Judson Center. EVM aims to bridge the gap between post high school programs and access to meaningful employment opportunities where young adults can make an earning for their contribution within the community and improve their quality of life improve their quality of life through meaningful employment.

In 2014, Extraordinary Ventures Michigan (EVM) started operations with their laundry service. Three new microbusinesses or “ventures” have since been added; an Organic Microgreen farm, Sensory Tools Production and a Small Parts Assembly Team; each is designed to be self-sustaining. EVM assesses needs within the community, start up and manage microbusinesses designed around the interests/skills of the individual employees.

Extraordinary Ventures Michigan laundry service targets a wide variety of clients; servicing Oakland University students and departments, individual families, day care centers, churches and other local businesses. Customers can take advantage of EVM’s free pickup and delivery to Employees collect and sort, wash, dry, fold, wrap and deliver the laundry for a reasonable price. Pricing is per bag basis based off EVM’s free bags customers will receive. For further savings, EVM offers monthly contracts that are a consistent weekly pickup and delivery scheduled.

At the organic microgreen farm, employees plant crops of microgreens in seed trays, nurture the plants and then harvest the plants. EVM employees also package the microgreens for sale at local farmers markets and customers on campus.

During sensory tools production, the employees of EVM make small hand fidgets to be used in the classroom, workplace or at home. Customers include anyone who may need help when concentrating, channeling anxious energy, and staying relaxed in stressful situations. Often, children with Autism or other learning disabilities can benefit from the use of hand fidgets. Occupational therapists, teachers, daycare providers and mothers are some of the clientele EVM provides sensory tools to.

EVM’s small-parts assembly team aims to assist manufacturers in labeling and collating, categorizing and packaging products, as well as sub-assembly and finishing for final use or sale. Employees of EVM are highly successful with jobs that require repetition and organization.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in utilizing these Extraordinary Ventures Michigan EVM services, please call EVM at 248-648-4830 or email Extraordinary Ventures Michigan at Like EVM on Facebook to help spread awareness of our services to the community!

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