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EyeClops Nightvision Stealth Binoculars Review

EyeClops Nightvision Stealth Binoculars Review – Review of Eyeclops Nightvision 2.0 Infared binoculars. Do these “kids” nightvision binoculars works?

My niece got on a big spy kick in her pre-teen years (about 10 years ago). Every Christmas she would ask for new items and gadgets. I was surprised at how many cool things were out there. Toy voice changers, invisible ink sets and special decoders were just starting to come out and made neat gifts for kids. Now that my son was approaching spy club age, I wanted to see if there were still gift opportunities out there for his hobby.

I bought EyeClops Nightvision 2.0 Infrared Stealth Binoculars at Target. The price tag was hefty ($59.99) but they had a pre-Christmas coupon on them for $25. I figured I’d roll the dice and hoped they worked. Some of the spy gear out there seemed pretty flimsy. EyeClops requires 5 AA batteries (ouch) and look like something out of Star Wars. The design and construction are pretty durable. I’m happy to report that EyeClops Nightvision Stealth Binoculars not only work, they work extremely well! I was expecting a tinty-looking green light blurrily illuminating the field of vision but EyeClops allows you to see in total darkness much further than their advertised 50 feet. The form-fitting visor makes them comfortable to hold and they come with a fairly accurate focal adjustor. You can even toggle between a soft green or light blue option for your vision. I’m not saying they’re “military quality” by any means but for a toy, I was impressed. My son was impressed too. He’s been spending a lot of time waiting for night-time to hit so he can use them to see in the dark. It’s a great toy! I hope this EyeClops Nightvision Stealth Binoculars review helps.

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