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EZ Pop Button Maker Review

EZ Pop Button Maker Review – review of the EZ Pop Button Maker “toy” for kids. Is it easy to make your own pinback buttons? The EZ Pop Button Maker is one of those toys that I dislike but my kids find fun.

My main complaint about the do it yourself EZ Pop Button Maker would be the difficulty in getting the pin component inserted into the backing piece. I was killing my fingers pressing it over and over as hard as I could, trying to get it to snap into place. I ended up having to take the side edge of a ruler to push it into place. It was a very tough snap.

My kids and I are all fans of the button designs that come with the EZ Pop Button Maker. You’ll find cute phrases like Don’t Bug Me, Wazzup?, Drama Queen, Rock Star and more. I did find it somewhat difficult to strategically cut out the designs and then hold them centered while using the button maker. Regardless of the centering, I was also a bit disappointed with how the paper design would not mold into the button cap smoothly, but instead would appear slightly wrinkled. My 7-year old daughter even commented that the finished buttons look better on the box than they do in person.

The entire button is made of plastic components. It would be nice to have something more similar to an actual pin. The cheap plastic safety pin works well enough. It feels like it is going to fall apart, but at the same time, it feels safer than an actual safety pin. It’s not as sharp, but still pins to a shirt. I don’t think you’d get the flimsy pin through something thick like a back pack though.

I purchased the EZ Pop Button Maker at Meijer on sale for $10. Normally, it retails for $20. For $10, the EZ Pop Button Maker is worth it. For $20, I’d say it’s not worth it. I hope you find this EZ Pop Button Maker review helpful.

All that said, my kids still like the make your own pinback button EZ Pop Button Maker. They think it’s cool that they can make buttons using the designs provided, or making their own designs with drawings, or pics of their pet, etc. They feel like they are truly expressing themselves. Meantime, I’ll keep scrounging for my old Duran Duran pins from my eighties denim jacket.

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