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Facebook Oversharing Moms

Do you know any facebook oversharing moms? Are you annoyed by moms who plaster your facebook timeline with constant family status updates? Do you feel like you see more of someone else’s kid on your facebook page than you see your own son or daughter in real life?

Facebook Oversharing Moms

I think we’re all “aware” of the problem of facebook oversharing. On my personal account, I like to put up pics of the family now and then or maybe include an accomplishment or two from my son or daughter. These posts are rarities as I find myself making sincere efforts to only include the important ones. I might post a family pic or something to my personal account… MAYBE…. once a month… MAYBE. I constantly worry that I overshare on the Oakland County Moms facebook page! Is that parenting article too boring? Or, do OCM readers just want contests and coupons? Does a mom in Rochester get upset if I post a family fun event taking place in Farmington Hills? Let’s just say, I ask myself questions like that a lot! I have a pretty strict filter on myself. At least I THINK I do. I mean, we all probably THINK our social media posts aren’t bothering anyone.

I was asked to appear on WDIV’s Live in the D “Moms Panel” a while ago and one of the topics was facebook oversharing by parents. Host Karen Drew was remarkably honest when she stated that it sometimes feels like some moms brag a bit when they share pics and status updates about all the fun things they do with their children all day long “and here I am sitting in my pajamas eating cereal out of the box.” (segment below).

Facebook Oversharing Moms topic on Live in the D

[vsw id=”_9IG79e6jEc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

I wasn’t surprised that Karen was annoyed by facebook oversharing (I think we all are to a degree). I was surprised that her gripes centered around the quality time some of her gal pals spend with their kids. I sensed that she feels some moms are using facebook to brag about what great parents they are because of all the things they do with their kids, and Karen finds herself feeling somewhat guilty if she is not wholeheartedly the same cruise director with her kids. Should we feel bad if someone is sharing their super-hero parenting abilities? Or, should we see right through it, understanding that all parents are busy and what we’re seeing is not the whole story (just the snippets they want to share)?


Karen and I are alike that moms oversharing on facebook can be a huge pet peeve, but we have different reasons. Facebook oversharing moms that talk about their quality time with their kids don’t bother me that much. I don’t feel competitive with them, or insecure if my posts don’t reflect the same activities. My oversharing facebook moms gripe is more about the misrepresentation of their activities in a day. For example, I have a difficult time being sympathetic for a mom who is crying out about how incredibly busy she is, yet she has time to post on facebook 10 times a day and half of her posts are about trips to Starbucks, back-to-back yoga classes, and lunch dates.

I think facebook oversharing moms can bother us if it the posts strike a nerve or perhaps touch on a personal insecurity. If you see these posts repeatedly, you eventually might start to question yourself. All I can say is stay strong! And know this…nobody ever tells the full story on facebook.

What do you think of Facebook oversharing moms?

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