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Family Feud Decades Wii Review

Family Feud Decades Wii Review – review of the video game Family Feud Decades for Nintendo Will. How does this game compare to the TV show?

Family Feud Decades Wii is the video game version of the game show classic. The “Decades” part of this game allows you to choose from each of the sets of the game as it progressed through the years on the show and even allows you to customize the characters to reflect the clothing styles. The surveys in Family Feud Decades even reflect the time period you choose to play in.

Game Shows and board games, when brought into video game form, are often hit or miss where the fun is concerned. Video games have come a long way and I’m pleased to report that many of the glitches of bringing game shows to video game format has gotten a lot better through the years. Gone are the days of buzzing in an answer only to have to type a long response or having the computer intelligence (AI) be far too smart or far too moronic to make it seem “like the real thing”. I also remember my old Wheel of Fortune game for Sega Genesis and Nintendo which probably had a total of 100 different puzzles. With randomization, these puzzles repeated each other to the point where the game was pretty useless to play after a month. Family Feud has over 2000 different surveys and our game play hasn’t gotten repetitive yet.

Most importantly, our kids love Family Feud Decades Wii. I credit this to the ease of play. Even children younger than 8 years old can have a ball with Family Feud Decades because it’s very easy to type in the answers. Just type in a couple of letters and several options pop up to select from so your child won’t have to worry about typing in long answers or spelling the word “xylophone”. It’s also kid-friendly because you can choose from difficulty settings. Choosing easy or even intermediate lessens the chances of the computer AI making things too difficult for a child to play. Setting up a profile allows players to track there money totals and unlock bonuses by completing tasks during the game. These different tasks make it fun to see how many you can complete and how many different items in the games you can “unlock”.

Family Feud Decades Wii is ideal to play in groups. While it is fun for any age to play solo, it’s perfect for parties and for shouting out answers. You could even make the argument that the game is educational and social because of interactivity needed to solve the puzzles. Sometimes I despise the fact that my kids will have their friends over to play and the play date dissolves into playing video games. With Family Feud Decades, I don’t mind so much as they’re actually all playing the game together like they would a good board game! I hope this Family Feud Decades Wii Review helps.

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