FATE – Autism Training and Education for Teachers and Parents

The rising cases of children diagnosed with autism and ASD (autism spectrum disorders) have created needs on so many levels. As parents, physicians and teachers all try to come to grips with autism, the need is tremendous for affordable, realistic options to help children diagnosed with an ASD. The “needs” are finally producing very tangible options for parents and teachers as we all try to help children diagnosed with autism.

The spread of education and knowledge of autism in the internet age has produced a wealth of resources and knowledge. Slowly, universities and physicians are starting to spread their wealth to a local level to help parents with children diagnosed with autism. It’s an exciting time.

Even though I reside in Metro Detroit I was thrilled to hear about a non-profit based in New Jersey that can really make a difference in the lives of teachers and parents dealing with autism on a daily basis. FATE is the Foundation for Autism Training and Education. FATE’s mission is to help both teachers and parents with free or low-cost workshops scientifically designed to aid them in helping children with autism prosper. My hope is that organizations like FATE expand throughout the country so every parent in the country can have a resource like FATE at a local level.

FATE provides the Teacher Training/low-cost and free seminars on a regular basis. Teacher Training Seminars include everything from an intro to applied behavior analysis and teaching to advanced applied behavior analysis programming for children with autism. The seminars teach social skills, reading and strategies for success. While a parent of an ASD child may know how to manage ASD behaviors at home, it is extremely frustrating to let a son or daughter go to a school where their needs aren’t met (or even understood). FATE attempts to take the guess-work out with applied teacher training.

FATE also offers seminars and workshops for free (or low-cost) to parents. Both seminars/workshops (teachers and parents) seem to hold a wealth of handouts and study material. You can check out FATE via their website http://www.thefate.org/index.asp to learn more.

The process of helping parents with an ASD child and the teachers who teach them is finally becoming clearer. The awareness is now strong. The resources to help are finally catching up.

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