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Twelve Music Education Benefits

Twelve Music Education Benefits – Children’s Music Workshop has provided 12 benefits of music education that translate far beyond school, music classes,

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Lindsey LaGrou

Unwanted Parenting Advice Stories

Unwanted Parenting Advice Stories – I will never understand why strangers in public places feel the need to offer up unwanted, unwarranted  parenting advice.

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Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips – The most difficult aspect of the Back to School season is getting kids to alter their sleep schedules and normalize

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Summer Structure Parenting Tips

Summer Structure Parenting Tips – Kids will never admit it, but they miss the structure that the typical school day presents. It’s no wonder that parents

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Tips to Prevent a Food Jag

Tips to Prevent a Food Jag – A food jag is defined as “when children prefer to eat the same food prepared the same way every day or at every meal.” Tips

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Helping Kids Cope With Tragedy

Helping Kids Cope With Tragedy – Several Oakland County school districts have released a response to the tragic shooting at Oxford High School in the way

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