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Finding the Right Summer Tutor

Finding the Right Summer Tutor – There may come a time when a student needs tutoring services. Oakland County Moms interviewed Keller Clinic which specializes in Content Tutoring for all ages, Psychoeducational Testing, and Personal and Academic Counseling, to discuss when and how tutoring can help your child excel in education.


Since 1967, Keller Clinic has been offering individuals, students, and families the caring educational and psychological help they need. Staff includes a multi-disciplinary team of certified licensed, and highly experienced Teachers, Educational Specialists, Psychologists, and Licensed Counselors. Keller Clinic specializes in Content Tutoring for all ages, Psychoeducational Testing and Personal & Academic Counseling.

Finding the Right Summer Tutor

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – What types of summer tutoring are available? Is it all about the math skills, or is there more? What are the secrets for finding the right summer tutor.

Keller Clinic Tutoring Bloomfield Hills – While we offer math and all core curriculum content tutoring over the summer, our tutors work one-on-one with students to keep them engaged in all aspects of learning over the long summer months. Some of this year’s summer programs at Keller Clinic include one-on-one ACT/SAT prep, speed reading courses and a biology camp just to name a few. We are excited to be offering a College Application Series where students will brainstorm essay ideas and explore what college admissions personnel are looking for. Summer is the perfect time to improve study and organization skills for all ages as well as refresh or get a jump start on more difficult subjects such as learning a foreign language, Algebra and Chemistry.

Keller Clinic is an excellent resource for psycho-educational testing as well. As stated in the brief description of Keller Clinic, staff specialize in areas where testing can be of a great assistance. Individuals needing testing/assessment in learning disabilities, ADD, Autism and other areas of need are certainly within the realm of Keller Clinic’s professional expertise. The benefits to understanding a diagnosis, assist in the positive framework necessary for treatment and growth. Many times, and only when appropriate, Keller Clinic can help with this growth as staff are equipped to support families in varying ways, both educationally and therapeutically. Keller Clinic’s licensed therapists and highly qualified educators work with individuals and families to provide solutions that work for them.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – Who should consider getting tutored in the summer?

Keller Clinic Tutoring Bloomfield Hills – That answer, though appearing easy, is always a challenge. The short answer is, of course, anyone who wants to build new skills, work on weaknesses, or get a jump-start on the upcoming school year. The longer answer echoes a need for a finding a balance between the rigor of the school year vs. the vigor of summer learning. It is a well-established fact that students lose substantial ground over the summer. While we feel it is important for students to take a well-deserved break, summer enrichment is a necessity for school year success.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – How much time on average will a child spend with a tutor over the summer?

Keller Clinic Tutoring Bloomfield Hills – Keller Clinic wants to make sure that we are helping; therefore, a realistic assessment of what a student really needs is a priority. Tutoring is also dependent upon the student’s summertime learning goals and abilities of the individual. For example, more and more teachers are assigning summer packets. We would encourage students to come in at least once or twice a week once they receive them, rather than waiting until the last minute to get them done. Additionally, the ACT/SAT prep course offered at Keller Clinic prepares students for all sections of the test and is offered in a 10 session block of time, but can we can tailor it to meet each students needs by focusing on a specific section of the exam where they want to improve their score.  Some students are struggling with learning to read, which would require regular sessions over the summer, while other students want to learn new techniques to improve reading speed which can be taught in a shorter amount of time.

That is the beauty of Keller Clinic’s summer programming. The majority of our summer series and tutoring is one-on-one, which gives our tutors the flexibility to tailor tutoring sessions and programs to meet each student’s individual needs.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – What is the main goal/objective for getting summer tutoring?

Keller Clinic Tutoring Bloomfield Hills – To Prepare, To Improve, To Grow, To Learn.

Keller Clinic helps in various ways, assisting students to identify barriers to learning and helping them identify areas and methods including healthy environments to enhance their learning potential. Students work from an encouraging model of learning rather than the ‘rigorous’ model during the school year, as was already shared. Keller Clinic’s professional staff understand education and the supportive domains of education; therefore, Keller Clinic is a wonderful place to help a student get what is needed to succeed!

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