Firefly Toothbrush Review

Firefly Toothbrush Review – review of Firefly Toothbrushes for kids. Firefly offers children’s toothbrushes that use timers and blinks so children brush for the proper amount of time.

What is it about getting kids to brush for a good two minutes that’s like pulling teeth, no pun intended. The dentist has given my kids those sand timers that equal two minutes, but watching those is like watching a pot of water come to a boil.

I was contacted for a Firefly Toothbrush review by Firefly. The Firefly toothbrush, by Dr. Fresh®, the leader in children’s oral care,  have built-in light timers that blink until time is up. So, kids know to continue brushing their teeth until the blinking light turns off. And the cook light up function of the toothbrush is way more exciting to watch than the timers. Whereas I used to find myself bugging the kids and standing over their shoulders to make sure they brushed long enough, now they independently get the job done now.

The Firefly toothbrush comes in many kid-friendly designs – the original colorful and sparkly Firefly, Baby Firefly, or indulge your kid’s passion for dolls, cars, cartoons or comics with Barbie, Hot Wheels, Spiderman or the new Peanuts models. Each lights up at the touch of a button and flashes for one minute – the time dentists say is needed to thoroughly brush each row of teeth. My kids have no problem doing it for each row of teeth. They even kick it up a notch sometimes and turn out the lights.

Firefly toothbrushes are available at Target, Meijer, and drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide.

Firefly Toothbrush website.

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