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Flojos Vegan Sandals Review

Flojos Vegan Sandals Review – review of Flojos Vegan Sandals, sandals for those who prefer not to wear leather products. Vegan sandals and Flip Flops are an option offered by Flojos Vegan sandals. The Vegan sandals by Flojos are made out of Polyurethane (PU). The material is made to look and feel like real leather, without using animal by-products.

Flojos Vegan sandals come in many different styles and colors, most of them flip flops. Flojos sells vegan sandals for women, children and men. There is quite a big selection, and Flojos Vegan sandals are sold in stores and online. Locally, for us in Michigan, Flojos Vegan sandals are available online here.

You can see a listing of stores that sell Flojos Vegan sandals and flip flops here.

I was sent a pair of Flojos Vegan sandals to review. I selected the “Serena” flip flop style. I’ve worn them a couple times and see a very strong resemblance to what a leather sandal would feel like. They are comfortable and provide decent support. I noticed that many of the Flojos Vegan Sandals have arch support, which I find very nice for my high arches.

Like any shoe or sandal, I am thinking the Flojos Vegan Sandals will be even more comfortable once they are broken in a bit. Flojos Vegan Sandals feel like a high quality product, however I can’t comment on this too much since I just got them and only wore them a couple times.

If it’s possible to rid the fashion world of animal by-products used for leather, these vegan sandals are a nice start. I’d happily consider vegan clothing products moving forward if the quality is as fine as the Flogos Vegan sandals. I hope this Flojos Vegan Sandals review is helpful.

Note: I was granted a pair of Flojos Vegan Sandals for trial purposes. This did not alter my opinion of the product in my review.

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