Free ASQ Screenings Great Start Oakland

Free ASQ Screenings Great Start Oakland – Great Start Collaborative provides free ASQ screenings (Ages and Stages Development Screenings) as a service to help parents determine development among several different criteria. Free ASQ screenings are provided to help families track their child’s development.

Many parents find that one of the biggest fears when raising a child is whether or not he is developing appropriately for his age. When should he clap, point, sit up by himself, speak… how should he behave socially, emotionally, etc.

Free ASQ Screenings Great Start Oakland Test For

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Communication
  • Personal / Social
  • Problem Solving

It takes just 10 minutes to complete and a developmental screening specialist will follow up with an individualized email to offer support and resources.


Here’s how it works… the Great Start Oakland free ASQ screenings / Ages and Stages Developmental Screening (ASQ) is available online and applies to all Oakland County children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years. Its purpose is to promote routine developmental screenings for young children. The ASQ is a screening tool, not an evaluation tool. The staff that receives the data, is very helpful. After the ASQ is completed, a developmental screening specialist will score the completed ASQ’s, and follow up with an individualized email to explain the scoring, and offer support and helpful activities that can be done at home to help in certain areas. And, if the specialist determines that an area is low, she will refer out for evaluation. The specialist also provides a phone number to call so that no family will receive a score that concerns them without the opportunity to talk with someone with an early childhood background for questions and support.

There are two forms of the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening (ASQ). One is the ASQ-3, and the other is ASQ:SE.

The ASQ-3 covers Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem-Solving, and Personal-Social. Communication deals with babbling, vocalizing, listening and understanding. Gross motor skills include arm, body, and leg movements, whereas fine motor refers to hand and finger movements. Problem-solving focuses on learning and playing with toys. Personal-Social looks at solitary social play, play with toys and play with others.

The ASQ:SE focuses on social and emotional skills, i.e. self control ability or willingness to calm or settle down or adjust to physiological or environmental conditions or stimulation; ability to follow directions or willingness to conform to the directions of others and follow rules; independence or willingness to self-initiate or respond without guidance; expressing emotions and demonstrating his or her own feelings and empathy for others; and interaction with people or willingness to respond to or initiate social responses to parents, other adults and peers.

Both of the ASQ formats are set up with age intervals so you can perform the free ASQscreenings at different ages and monitor progress. The ASQ’s also have a section at the end where parents can write in questions and concerns that will be addressed back to them in their letter.

The link to get started for Free ASQ Screenings Great Start Oakland.

For more information on Free ASQ Screenings Great Start Oakland, contact 248-209-2098.

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