Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022

Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets for the 2022 Super Bowl 56 between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals some gambling websites are promoting.

I love watching the Super Bowl and Super Bowl Sunday (February 13, 2022) is festive around my house. I know a lot of my friends don’t care for football but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the big game. Sure, the commercials are great but there can also be a lot of fun in watching for non-football related prop bets! Some Super Bowl prop bets are placed that have nothing to do with the game but are entertaining and often hilarious. The odds are listed below I usually just set up my own with the people I’m with.

I started this page about 12 years ago. It’s amazing how much far sports gambling has come since then. This page started as just “goofy things to look for during the Super Bowl”. Now, with the proliferation of sports gambling apps, it’s easy to actually bet on these instead of just watching for them for entertainment.


Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022 (Odds Subject to Change)

Cincinnati Bengals vs LA Rams February 13, 2022

How long will the National Anthem last – from first note sung to last note sung

Over 95 seconds -147
Under 95 seconds +110

Color of first liquid (Gatorade) poured on winning team’s head coach

Orange +200
Blue +300
Green/Yellow/Lime +450
Clear / Water +450
Red/Pink +800
Purple/Indigo/Violet +1,000

First performing artist shown live during halftime

Multiple artists +190
Snoop Dogg +300
Dr. Dre +350
Eminem +400
Mary J. Blige +550
Kendrick Lamar +550

Color of Eminem’s hair when first shown

Bown/Black -256
White/Blonde +215
Any other color +550

First song played during halftime show

California Love +270
Family Affair +500
The Next Episode +550
Still D.R.E. +550
Nuthin’ But a G’ Thang +650
Lose Yourself +700
Drop it Like It’s Hot +750
All The Stars +1,000
HUMBLE +1,000

What will be higher

Cooper Kupp total receptions at the Super Bowl LVI -175
USA Gold Medals at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games +145

What will be higher

Daytona 500 avg speed in miles per hour -125
Matthew Stafford first-half passing yards SB LVI -105

Who will Super Bowl MVP mention first in his postgame interview?

Teammates -150
Coach +1400
God / Jesus +210
Owner +1600
City +650
Family Member(s) +550
None of the above +1400

Will a fan run on the field during the game?

Yes +700
No -1600

Halftime Show – First Dr. Dre Song Performed

The Next Episode -110
Still D.R.E. +125
Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang +325

Halftime Show – First Eminem Song Performed

Lose Yourself +175
My Name Is +375
The Real Slim Shady +225
Without Me +750
Stan +900
Any Other Song +225

Halftime Show – Snoop Dogg to Smoke on Stage?

Yes +110
No -145

Halftime Show – Will any part of Eminem’s Performance be Censored?

Yes -180
No +135

Halftime Show – Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

Yes +950
No -3300

National Anthem – Predominant Color of Mickey Guyton outfit for the Anthem

White +250
Yellow/Gold +330
Blue +400
Black +500
Grey/Silver +500
Red +650
Purple +900
Pink +1200
Green +1500
Orange +1500

Will the power go out during the Super Bowl

Yes +2500
No -100000


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