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Funny Things Kids Say

Funny Things Kids Say – Kids can really brighten a day with their unintended humor. I love calling my friends and family when my kids say the funniest things and share it with them so they can have a great laugh too.

Now that my kids are older, I don’t have much to add to the funny things kids say list. Here are some of the things my kids have said that really cracked me up.


Funny Things Kids Say

We were going around the block, my son Jayson was on his scooter and Lindsey was on her bike. For some reason, Jayson was having a tough time and fell off the scooter a couple of times.

I got frustrated because he was not figuring out what he was doing wrong and trying something different. Lindsey said, “Yeah Jayson, do it like this.” Jayson got upset. I apologized for getting frustrated and I said I was sorry. Lindsey said, “And I’m sorry too for telling you how to do it.” I said, “Lindsey, that was very nice of you to apologize to Jayson.” Lindsey said “I know my manners.”

I was heating up some rollers because I wanted to put them in my hair. The kids were watching so I explained to my son Jayson that they are just for girls. Jayson said, “So I can use these when I am a girl?” I said, you are a boy and you can’t change that. Lindsey said, “Maybe a fairy will come and change Jayson.” I said, A fairy can’t do that. Lindsey said, “Yes, fairies do that. They have a magic wand. Magic wands can do anything, didn’t you know that?”

My kids know I do not like them to say “stupid.” So, one night Jayson was having stomach pains and I gave him a heated rice sock to sleep with. It was not helping so he came to me about a half hour later, frustrated, and said “Mommy, this rice sock is not smart. It doesn’t even work.”

After my daughter’s first day of Pre-K, she was a bit overwhelmed and was having a tough time behaviorally after we got home, so I said, Lindsey if you act like this in school, nobody will want to play with you. She said, “I don’t do this at school, I only do this at home.”

Later, it continued and she wasn’t being too nice to Jayson. I said Lindsey if you keep treating Jayson like that he won’t want to play with you. Jayson said, “It’s too late, I already don’t want to play with her.”

Please share your Funny Things Kids Say funny stories with us!

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