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Gaiam Foam Roller Review

Gaiam Foam Roller Review – review of the Gaiam Foam Roller – helpful for knotted back muscles. If you have a sore back full of knotted muscles, this might be a solution that will interest you. I met the owner of a massage therapy salon and she recommended a Gaiam foam roller. Julie of Revitalizing Touch Wellness Spa told me she has recommended this product to many and all have loved it. Time for a Gaiam foam roller review…

Gaiam (a well-known yoga products manufacturer) makes the foam roller. Julie warned me that the foam roller will hurt as it works out the knotted muscles like a knuckle kneading out your knots, but it’s well worth it. At first glance, it looks like it will be easy and almost fun to roll on. The truth is that it’s hard work. It really stretches both your lower back and upper back as you use it! It’s a very healthy stretch and worth the hard work it provides.

The foam roller is simply a large foam cylinder that is made of a dense hard foam that doesn’t give. You lay on it in certain positions and it releases tension in your muscles. It even comes with a DVD that demonstrates different stretching and tension releasing moves.

I found the foam roller at Target for $24.95. There are two different lengths, but the shorter one seems to work just fine. I hope you find this Gaiam Foam Roller review helpful.

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