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Get Ready for Swim Season

4 ways to get ready for swim season – Our friends from Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit have some great tips for getting the kids ready for the summer swim season!

The ground is starting to thaw and flowers are starting to bloom. That can mean only one thing: Summer is just around the corner. Summer brings longer days, sunshine and lots of opportunities to play in the water. Once summer is here, your kids will be visiting friends with pools, heading to the beach with grandparents, or playing at the lake on your visit up north. Because of those activities, summer also brings an increased need for water safety awareness. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 5 in the United States. Parents can help change this statistic with these four Get Ready for Swim Season steps:

Get Ready for Swim Season Tips

Start Swim Lessons and Start Them Early – Children can actually start learning how to swim from as early as 4 months. Having your child take part in a formal swim class that focuses on water safety can reduce his or her chances of drowning by up to 88 percent. Goldfish Swim Schools offer perpetual swim lessons because repetition breeds success. We all know practice makes perfect. If you are looking for accelerated learning, they offer Jump Start Clinics in June that give your child a month’s worth of swim skills in just one week.

Always Watch Your Kids Around Water – Put down your cell phone, tablet or favorite book and get involved with your kids. Remember, drowning doesn’t look like drowning, at least not like what we see on television and in the movies. Drowning victims typically cannot call out for help. Their body’s first response is to get oxygen, not to yell. Because of this, even a moment of not paying attention to your child around water can prove tragic.

Learn CPR – When child water safety is a priority, you can never be too prepared. Learning CPR with family members is an essential step in ensuring safety for your child around the water. Administering CPR is a skill that anyone can master quite easily, and knowing what to do if a situation arises will give you added confidence. Enroll now in a CPR training course to support your child water safety efforts and give yourself a little peace of mind.

Arrange a W.A.T.E.R. Safety Lesson – Ask your child’s school, Scout troop, day care center or library to host a W.A.T.E.R. safety presentation. The more kids in your community who are aware of how to stay safe near the water, the better. Goldfish Swim School offers a free 20-minute presentation that is tailored for 3- to 7-year-olds, but it is a great resource for any age. The entertaining, information-packed presentation is interactive and even includes a visit from Goldfish mascot Bubbles.

Don’t wait until summer is here to start preparing your kids for water safety and fun. Just as you’ve already started getting yourself swimsuit ready, start now with getting your kids safety ready with these get ready for swim season tips.

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PHOTO CREDIT – Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit (with permission)

This Get Ready for Swim Season article is provided by Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit for Oakland County Moms.

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