Girls Night Out – Margaritas and Magicians

Girls Night Out – Margaritas and Magicians – Fifth installment of Girls Night Out initiative with my BFF. Creative girls night out ideas are hard to come by but we’ve been exploring new and fun ways to get out of our doldrums when we hang out together and it’s been a lot of fun.

My friend made a New Year’s Resolution this year that we would have at least one get together every month of the year. As you may know, planning some “me time” as a parent can be very difficult. With our busy schedules, we knew it would be difficult but we looked forward to this personal commitment that was a promise we made to ourselves because it is something that will be (selfishly speaking) a fun time where we can just focus on ourselves and not worry about kids.

With such an awful winter, we kept it pretty simple for January – April. We enjoyed shoe shopping, drinks, Mexican dining with a Mariachi Band and more. But now that the weather is looking up, we’re planning some more fun adventures.

In May, a Magician/Comedian was scheduled at the Orion Center. His name is Jason Abbott and he had a pretty good reputation for being an entertaining magician with a nice twist of humor. The show was an adult show, so we figured it would be fun and a free-for-all when it came to the comedy.

We started the night with dinner and Margaritas at Sagebrush – one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Of course, we had to pick the same weekend as the Lake Orion Flower Fair, so parking was challenging, but we miraculously met up and seized a table before the well-known Sagebrush eternal dinner wait began. If you’re not familiar with Sagebrush, let me tell you… there’s almost no good time to go. This place is always packed as if it’s the only restaurant in all of Lake Orion. So, always go with a back-up plan.

Since we were fortunate enough to get a table, we started off with some drinks. Of course, it only took one jumbo Margarita for each of us to reach a nice buzz. Both of us were so busy we were dining and drinking on very empty stomaches, and the margaritas arrived quickly… who could resist chugging the delicious frozen drink touted as the world’s best margaritas? After our refreshing margaritas, we had dinner and chatted up a storm. Every time we get together, we talk so much that we reach the point of sore throats.

So, we then headed to the show. We were running a bit late, so imagine being the last ones to enter the room and all eyes are on you. All fine and dandy, until you walk into a room and it feels like you just entered a seniors-only event and you’re 43. How did this happen? I don’t mind the elderly, but this was not what I had in mind for Girls Night Out. I quickly turned around and glanced at my friend and we both just lost control and busted out laughing uncontrollably. Still laughing, we stumbled to a table, sat down, and texted a joke about it to my husband and then the laughter turned into one of those contagious scenarios where you just can’t stop. By the time we calmed ourselves, my friend’s eyes were blood shot and my childhood asthma had reared its ugly head.

So, the show went on and Jason Abbott was fantastic. You can read my review here.

After the show, we headed out to my friend’s house – how cool is this?… My friend just had a new house built but has not moved in yet. We had the whole, quiet place to ourselves. Just us, a bottle of wine, and a nice seat on the empty family room floor. This all made for the perfect setting for another 3 hours of catching up and laughter. The night finally ended when neither of us could speak anymore.

Our little “Girls Night Out” adventures resolution has been one of the best resoluttions I’ve ever made. It’s worth it sometimes to put aside responsibilities and have a sometimes tame/sometimes a little wild Girls Night Out with your best friend(s). My BFF & I have each had a rough go the past few years with careers, kids (with food allergies), some illnesses and general hectic life schedules. We’ve both discovered (at the same exact time) that you can’t wait for life to bring you closer – that you have to open yourself up to skirt your responsibilities to let your hair down. I’m so glad we did. We’re already planning our next GNO.

Thank you, BFF for a fun night! I look forward to next month. Stay tuned, we might get a lil’ crazy :)

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