Girls Night Out Resolution Update

Girls Night Out Resolution Update – My BFF and I made a New Year’s Resolution this year – (at least) one Girls Night Out event per month for the whole year! So far, it’s working out extremely well!

Girls Night Out Resolution

Wine1Planning a new Girls Night Out adventure each month has been somewhat difficult. In addition to our busy schedules, it’s been a challenge coming up with new and exciting things to do that are also seasonally appropriate (weather) and somewhat budget-friendly.

Since this Girls Night Out resolution project has been “my baby,” I’ve been the one left in charge of directing the entertainment. This hasn’t been easy either. I wanted our Girls Night Out events to fluctuate between casual shopping all the way to mid-life crisis crazy-fun! It’s only July and already we’ve run the gamut!

WonderWoman3So far… we’ve enjoyed an evening of elegance at Meadow Brook Hall for Jazz in the Garden, had a hilarious night at the Orion Center to review a comedian, bar-hopped around Downtown Rochester, got a little “spendy” while shoe shopping in Birmingham, and sat in my BFF’s brand new (and empty) house on boxes while getting crocked on red wine and swapping crazy stories and rehashing old memories. Heck, we even twirled on the brass pole at a local pole fitness studio!

The Girls Night Out fun is MUCH MORE than a couple of moms and a couple of drinks. It’s a celebration of friendship through sometimes harrowing times. My best friend has seen her fair share of strife in her personal life with marriage, a child with severe food allergies, career concerns, etc… In spite of everything that she has gone through, and the things I have gone through in my life… we have remained inseparable through everything!

LisaLaGrouBFFSelfieMost importantly, Girls Night Out is a way for any mom to leave the diaper bag behind and recharge her batteries. Whether it’s bombastic fun, or a cup of coffee with your besties, Girls Night Out is a reminder that all moms need “me time.” Sadly, I neglected my “me time” for far too long before I realized I needed a release. But… I’m more than making up for it now.

Our little Girls Night Out resolution is, by far, the best resolution I have ever made. It’s worth it sometimes to put aside responsibilities and have a sometimes tame/sometimes wild Girls Night Out with your best friend(s).

What would you do for a Girls Night Out resolution.

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