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Green Electrical Supply LED Christmas Lights Review

Review of GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas Lights from Green Electrical Supply in Auburn Hills MI. LED Christmas lights look so much better than incadescent Christmas lights.

Green Electrical Supply offers LED Christmas Lights. I’ve tested them out… here’s the story.

Review of GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas Lights from Green Electrical Supply:

LED Christmas lights look so much better than incadescent Christmas lights. It’s no wonder so many people are buying them. Unfortunately, in addition to the higher cost of LED lights, the durability hasn’t been up to par. Maybe you’ve noticed that LED Christmas lights rust quickly due to condensation and often don’t last more than 1 Christmas season for outdoor when compared to the old incandescent Christmas lights.

The last 10 or so most recent packs of Christmas lights I’ve purchased barely got me through one season. My husband and I took this as an opportunity to do something new with the exterior holiday decor.

We love the brightness of the LED Christmas lights and also wanted LED Christmas lights that offered energy efficiency. A couple years back we tried out the solar powered LED lights, which failed us miserably. See the review here.

Since our solar LED Christmas lights didn’t work out as well as we had hoped, we thought we would look into the traditional plug-in LED lights. I went online to do some shopping and found an abundance of reviews that warned against getting the LED Christmas lights for outdoors. A good majority of the people who had purchased these lights said that condensation seeped into the light units and rusted things out so badly that they could not use their LED Christmas lights the following year. So, why would I spend more only to have the same problem?

While I was researching my LED Christmas lights options, I met the owner of Green Electrical Supply. I voiced my concern to him and asked if he had heard of such issues with LED Christmas lights. He was shocked to hear it and said he never had any problem with the LED Christmas lights he has been using, from GKI Bethlehem Lighting, which he has available for purchase at his company. Green Electrical Supply loaned me a few strands of GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas lights at the tail end of last winter. He suggested that I leave them out in the extremities and then try them out months on down the road to see if any rusting caused any malfunctions with the LED Christmas lights.

I am happy to say I’ve finally found a reliable LED Christmas light brand that will work from year to year. It has been a couple of years of use now, and every year.. as soon as I plug in the GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas lights from Green Electrical Supply, they light up brightly as LED Christmas lights should. I continue to add more strands to my collection and light up my house at Christmas aka Clark Griswold style.

Green Electrical Supply has a website with all their products on it. If you’re interested in seeing the LED Christmas lights, go to this link. The manufacturer of the outdoor LED Christmas lights, GKI Bethelehem Lighting has gone to all measures to try and prevent any rusting and malfunction. Each light unit is encased as one mold with no seams. So, no condensation can seep inside. And, if one light goes out, the rest of the strand stays lit. Plus, you will see cost savings with the GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas lights. You will use up to 75% less electricity with long lasting GKI Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas lights.

If you’re local here in Michigan, Green Electrical Supply will arrange for you to pick up your order at their warehouse if you want to save on shipping. Super nice staff, and very helpful!

Green Electrical LED Christmas Special for 2014:

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Green Electrical Supply
1116 Centre Road
Auburn Hills, Michigan

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