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Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills

Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills Review – Pics, hours, and menu info. Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills is located inside University Square at Walton/Adams, and serves breakfast and lunch daily.

Tucked nicely in the inside corner of the University Square at Walton and Adams, the Half Day Cafe serves up breakfast and lunch daily. Breakfast items include omelettes, quiches, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, french toast and more. Lunch offers soups, sandwiches, and salads.


How is it that I trek to Trader Joe’s in Rochester Hills nearly two times a week and I’ve never seen the Half Day Cafe? They even share the same plaza. Now that I’ve been there, I will not forget where it is.

I recently met up with a new friend for lunch at the Half Day Cafe and I can’t wait to go back again. Everything at Half Day Cafe is homemade and baked fresh daily. You can even purchase their bread by the loaf, which is something I am highly considering.

I ordered a chicken salad sandwich on dill rye bread with a cup of navy bean soup on the side. The bread was so soft and fresh, just how I like it. The chicken salad was so tasty and I was thrilled it was not overly laden with mayo. It had huge plump raisins in it that added a great texture and sweetness. The soup was also delicious. Half Day Cafe even offers gluten free wraps for those with a wheat/gluten sensitivity or allergy.

Half Day Cafe opened in 2010 and is definitely a huge hit. I had to wait several minutes for an opening in the crowds so I could ask the owner a couple of questions. Once I finally got a hold of Chris Heeder, I quickly asked him about his background. He originally owned Ridley’s Bakery Cafe in Troy. He took some time off in 2004 and after a 5 year break, bought the Pic-A-Deli location in 2010, changed the name, and started Half Day Cafe. The cafe style restaurant is Chris’ specialty and he does a good job at it. I also asked Chris about the artwork on the walls of Half Day Cafe. He said his wife made the creations. I love the mosaic art pieces and they add a very nice touch to the cafe. It’s all for sale, so come for the food and check out the art.

Half Day Cafe also has free wifi so you can enjoy the incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere while typing away on the keyboard, another option I am highly considering.

Half Day Cafe has seating in the restaurant but ordering is done at the counter. This gives you a nice chance to check out the menu of freshly baked desserts, salads, homemade soups and breads.

Half Day Cafe also offers catering services which includes many additional menu options. See their website for details.

Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills
3134 Walton Blvd
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills Hours
Hours – Monday – Friday 7a-4p, Saturday – Sunday 8a-3p


For more info on Half Day Cafe Rochester Hills, visit

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