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Handy Heater Review / As Seen on TV

Handy Heater Review – The “As Seen On TV” Wall-Outlet Space Heater review, pic, and info. Handy Heater boasts 350 watts of heating power in a tiny unit that plugs into any wall 3-prong outlet.


Handy Heater Review – The Pros

I saw the As Seen on TV Handy Heater and was surprised that a space heater could be made so small, and with so many convenient features. I’ve had experience with space heaters before, I reviewed a larger Vornado Space Heater that I wanted to heat a chilly basement with. I bought my Handy Heater for $22 at Bed Bath & Beyond before it went bankrupt (on sale from $29.99). I mainly wanted to use the Handy Heater to heat small half-bathroom while I take a shower on cold Winter mornings.

Handy Heater is extremely easy to use. Simply plug it into any WALL (instructions strictly forbid any other type of outlet) and turn it on. You can even rotate the plug to fit any outlet so you can use either your top outlet or your bottom without blocking the whole outlet. It even has a timer, which I’m too scared to use because I don’t like leaving space heaters unattended, but it’s a nice feature anyways. You can adjust the heat from 60-90 degrees. The display is very easy to read and the buttons are very easy to manage. It has automatic shut-off once the room or area gets to the desired temperature.

The Handy Heater kicks out impressive heat relatively quickly and distributes the warm air quietly. It managed to heat up my tiny half-bath very quickly. As a bonus, the warm dry air eliminated the need for to use a bathroom fan for shower moisture. My mirror didn’t even fog up from the hot shower.

Quick heating in portable spaces with convenient features are the positives of this Handy Heater review. What about the negatives? I don’t have anything bad to say about the product itself. The unit is well designed and delivers what it promises, I’m just not sure how practical Handy Heater is for regular use…

Handy Heater Review – The Cons

As with larger space heaters, if you try to heat larger rooms (the box boasts bedrooms and garages).. you’ll have to leave the Handy Heater running on high constantly to get the desired results. While such warmth is possible with this tiny unit, the 350 watts will eat into your electric bill if you leave it on for hours at a time making this unit almost impractical if you’re trying to heat a very large room or a very cold room. It might be more affordable to find another source of heat, or simply jack up the furnace. If you’re not worried about your energy bill, then crank it up and let it go.

For this Handy Heater review, the unit was supervised, used daily for only 15 minutes at a time, used in a small bathroom. The heater performed beautifully in these conditions and won’t drain my energy bill that much. The unit is perfect for conditions like that.

I reviewed this product initially in 2017 when the product first came out and I STILL use it chilly winter mornings in northern Michigan in 2023.

They now sell a Handy Heater Turbo 800 which boasts 800 watts of power in a slightly larger unit than the original Handy Heater. I’d imagine more of the same with the newer version – convenient, powerful heating that will chow into your electricity bill if you become reliant upon it. Overall I happily give the unit in this Handy Heater review a solid 4 stars out of 5. 5 out of 5 if electricity cost isn’t a concern.

Lastly, if you’re unaware of the potential dangers of using space heaters, make sure you read the instructions for Handy Heater (or any space heater). For this Handy Heater Review, I purchased Handy Heater at Bed Bath & Beyond but now they sell them inexpensively at Walmart.

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