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Happy Feet 2 Movie Review

Happy Feet 2 Movie Review – review of the movie Happy Feet 2 3-D starring the voices of Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara, and many others.

I had the opportunity to see Happy Feet 2 at a pre-screening. The movie officially comes out in theatres Friday, November 18.

When Happy Feet came out in 2006, my kids were too young to stay engrossed in the movie from beginning to end, so I can’t say I ever saw the whole movie. But, this movie stood well alone and nothing was missed with not having seen the first one.

Happy Feet 2 is a 3D, rated-PG flick with great effects and colorfully detailed scenes. The content may be a little fast-paced for younger viewers. There are a couple of frightening scenes but the young ones typically get over it quickly because of the funny scenes that follow the dramatic ones. Additionally, there are multiple upbeat scenes filled with great music and dancing, kind of like an animated musical. The cast of voice overs is stacked high with talent. You’ll hear Sofia Vergara, Robin Williams, Pink (with her AMAZING singing voice), Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, among others.

The story line follows Mumble and his son Erik as they discover and develop their relationship while encountering some threats. It takes everyone coming together to conquer the tragedies. I hope this Happy Feet 2 Movie Review is helpful.

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